What are bespoke rings

Penis ring - small ring, big help

The potency muscles are located in the pelvis. The penis, in turn, consists of two cavernous bodies, only about two-thirds of which protrude outside the body, even with the largest erections - the remaining third is in the pelvic floor, which is surrounded by the potency muscles in a circular and flanking manner. It can be understood that this hydraulic erectile tissue system becomes stronger and more stable when the potency muscles compress the ends of the erectile tissue. You can visualize it like this: We have an elongated balloon that is filled with air. If you hold the rear end of this balloon with your hand, the tip of the balloon can be pushed in. But if you now squeeze the rear part of the balloon with your hand, a significant hardening occurs at the front at the tip. It is similar with the hydraulic cavernous body system. Therefore, good potency muscles can have a very positive influence on a more stable erection and have a supportive effect when using a penis ring.

Can the penis ring also cause injuries to the partner?

With the usual, especially the medical models, injuries are not possible. However, injuries cannot be ruled out in the case of failed models. Depending on what material the penis ring is made of or whether there are decorations made of a harder material, the sexual partner can be injured depending on the angle of penetration.

Which material is recommended for a penis ring?  

A fundamental distinction must be made between flexible and rigid penis rings. Doctors recommend the use of flexible penis rings made of elastic materials such as latex, plastic, rubber or silicone. The decisive advantage over rigid penis rings made of metal, wood or leather is that they can be easily removed before the erection has subsided.

With rigid penis rings, there is also the risk of blood congestion. This is not only harmful to the penis, but in the worst case it can also mean that the penis ring can no longer be removed by hand. Professor Dr. Frank Sommer has already experienced several "accidents" when using rigid penis rings. Some of these were so tight that the blood was completely prevented from flowing out of the penis. This leads to a lack of oxygen in the penile tissue. This lack of oxygen can damage important tissue that is important for erectile function. In the worst case, there is even a risk that the penis will become necrotic, which means that the tissue will be massively damaged. Sometimes metallic penis rings had to be removed with a flex, as Professor Dr. Frank Sommer reports that the blood could drain out of the penis again.

In order to make it easier to remove the penis ring after sexual intercourse, size-adjustable models are recommended, which, depending on the model, may also have a Velcro fastener or press studs.

Anyone who nevertheless decides - perhaps for aesthetic reasons - for a rigid penis ring, for example made of metal, should definitely pay attention to a continuous processing of stainless steel or aluminum. With coated metals, it cannot be ruled out that the material can flake off or that the material begins to rust and dangerous substances are released when it corrodes.

In general, it is not advisable to use cheap penis rings, which are of insufficient quality. For example, plastic models are also exposed to a number of dangers if so-called plasticizers were used in their manufacture.

How do I choose the right size for a penis ring?

It is important to note the adjustment of the penis ring to the respective penis diameter. If the size of the penis ring is too small, it can no longer simply be removed if the erection is strong. If the penis ring cannot be easily removed, a doctor should be consulted immediately in order to medically stop the erection and avoid serious circulatory disorders.

What else to consider?

Sometimes there are penis rings that are conceived and designed in such a way that the woman also stimulates the clitoris (also known as “clitoris” in the vernacular). Penis rings are also available, with which the entirety of the woman's primary external sexual organ ("vulva") is stimulated more strongly. But there are also rings that stimulate the anal region with the help of appropriate "superstructures". There are no limits to your imagination. Sometimes there are also built-in vibrators in the penis rings. The aim of the vibration is to achieve increased stimulus in the person wearing the penis ring, which in turn should lead to increased sexual arousal and ultimately also to increased blood flow. And because the flowing blood is so crucial for a good erection, this can be an interesting variant in some cases. But there are also underwear or swimwear in which such penis rings are already integrated.

Are there such rings for women too?

Yes, there are so-called clitoral rings that are medically indicated. They ensure - according to the same principle as the penis ring - that the clitoris is filled with more blood. This increases the surface of the clitoris and enables better neural stimulation. However, putting on a clitoral ring is very complicated, which is why its use is not widespread. But interesting in this context: The tissue structures of men and women with regard to the sexual organs are identical. This is due to the fact that in the embryonic period (in the first eight weeks after fertilization) the disposition is given to develop both a male genital and a female genital. Scientific studies have shown that not only men have erectile tissue, but women too. In principle, a distinction is made between four phases in the excitation phases: The first phase is the tumescent phase, in which the erectile tissue swells; so here it is important that the blood flows into the genitals. The same goes for women. In the second phase, the erection slowly builds up as the penis increases in size and slowly erects. In the third phase, the so-called rigidity phase, the erectile tissue becomes really stiff. The same phenomenon occurs with the woman's clitoris. After ejaculation or after orgasm, the fourth phase, the detumescence phase, takes place: the collected blood slowly flows out of the erectile tissue and the sexual organs relax.

What do healthy men get from a penis ring?

The use of a penis ring increases the stability of the male member because the backflow of blood is restricted. A harder erection makes penetration easier. In addition, penetrative intercourse can be carried out longer. This is beneficial because studies have shown that women typically take much longer to climax than men. A penis ring can help keep the member stiff even after orgasm has occurred. This means that penetrative sex can continue until the woman has reached her climax.

Are there alternatives to the penis ring?

The penis loop is an alternative to the penis ring. It also helps to keep the blood in the penis. Thanks to its nature - mostly made of silicone - it is extremely flexible. For example, the diameter of a penis loop can be adjusted very easily, and it is also very easy to remove it after sexual intercourse.