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The noun Armageddon (that) is a name and means something like "end-time struggle".

Originates in the original sense Armageddon the Revelation of John (Apk 16:16) in the Bible. Here one speaks of "Armageddon", which means the place of the final decisive battle.

Today the word is mostly used secularly for apocalyptic catastrophes. The term is often used as a film, literature or song title. The idea of ​​the end of the world in the sense of an all-destructive force is taken up in the most varied of ways. Sometimes as a social phase that has already been heralded (for example on the “Zion” album by the Christian music band “Sons Mannheims”).

The word originally comes from Greek or Hebrew.

Usage examples

If we continue to treat the earth in this way, it threatens us Armageddon.

Synonyms for Armageddon could be inferno, abyss or disaster.

At the place Armageddon they gathered for the final and decisive battle.

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