Skate 3 how to make a monster logo

Choose a good skateboard

Buy a quality deck.Decks sold in local department stores are usually of poor quality, often with cartoon images on the bottom. If you want an entire skateboard but aren't sure what you need, buy one from a skate company or go to your local skate shop for advice. If you want to drive on the street, get a 7.5 - 8.0 deck, but if you prefer to drive in the halfpipe, 8.0 and wider decks are a good choice. These are all personal preferences, there are a lot of skaters on the street with decks wider than 8.0.
  • Another tip to consider when choosing the width is your height and which style you want to skate. Most tech-savvy skaters (who do advanced flip tricks ... like Rodney Mullen) tend to go for decks between 7.5 and 7.75 regardless of their height. On the one hand, narrower decks allow for faster turns. On the other hand, there are the "go big" skaters like Jamie Thomas who prefer widths of 8.0 and more. The benefit of a wide, heavy deck is stability under your feet while in the air or when landing (especially if you have large feet). But if you are still a child, choose a width of 7.66 or even narrower.