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Lose Belly Fat: 8 Top Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Have you had enough of your belly fat and excess weight once and for all? No wonder!

Obesity and excess belly fat increase the chances of developing welfare diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And if we're honest, besides all the health reasons, such a big, inflated belly is of course not exactly a beautiful sight.

But don't panic! Fortunately, you can get rid of belly fat. And you can get the longed-for flat stomach with the right tips and exercises, which are presented in detail in this article.

Here's what you'll find out about:

  • Why getting enough sleep is more important than you think.
  • The danger of getting belly fat represents for health.
  • The 3 main actionsto be able to lose excess weight and belly fat.
  • Why man will stop jogging immediately (when fat burning is the goal).
  • Which sport is best to practiceto lose weight and get an attractive figure.
  • How to get rid of belly fat with 8 great exercises.
  • And much moreā€¦

Why belly fat is dangerous to health

The human body needs fat to function. A low percentage of body fat (less than 5%) can even be harmful to the organs and health.

But you shouldn't confuse a few pounds of excess weight with excess belly fat. Because it is this fat in the abdominal cavity that can lead to health problems (source).

Excess belly fat is very unhealthy. That is why it is very important to tackle excess fat in the waist area as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is covered in detail later in this article.

First of all, it is important to check whether you suffer from excess belly fat. Take a tape measure and use it to measure the circumference of your core.

Anything more than 102 cm in men and 88 cm in women is called an abdominal obesity.

Are you in the danger zone?

Losing belly fat can significantly reduce your risk for conditions like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer (source).

Already once about the term 'Skinny Fat' belongs? This is the name given to people who look slim in themselves but are still too fat. 'Thick' refers to too much visceral fat, the fat that accumulates around organs like the liver in the abdomen.

The dangerous thing is that these people look normal but still carry excess belly fat with them, which increases their risk of health problems (source).

That is why it is very important to check whether you are suffering from it yourself. If so, it is imperative that you reduce your belly fat as soon as possible.

Over the past few decades, people have, on average, become less physically active and their diet has also deteriorated. This plays a major role in the common problem of obesity.

The classic welfare diseases are emerging that were largely unknown less than a hundred years ago.

A large-scale, 12-year long-term study in the United States found that people are moving less and less, resulting in obesity and large waistlines (source).

An inactive lifestyle can lead to a sharp increase in belly fat.

The study even suggests that inactivity is responsible for new belly fat after getting rid of excess weight (source).

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Train away belly fat with the magical trio

Everyone has probably seen a Tel-Sell television program like this, in which well-trained models advertise products with which one should be able to burn one's belly fat and train the abs.

And the whole thing always looks really great!

Just train a few times a day on the magical abdominal muscle trainer, and in no time at all you'll have the flat stomach you've always dreamed of. Who wouldn't want that!

But I don't want to talk about it for long:

Abdominal Fat Away With Abdominal Exercises? It would be nice!

Burning belly fat in a targeted manner is unfortunately a persistent fairy tale. You simply cannot purposefully train away belly fat and other fat deposits.

I admit that it sounds quite logical in and of itself that ab training would burn belly fat and get a toned stomach that way.

Unfortunately this is not the case.

Even if you do hundreds of crunches a day, none of this helps if the body fat percentage is much too high.

You then train your abdominal muscles, but they remain invisible because they are hidden under a thick layer of fat.

Where exactly the fat is stored in the body is mainly genetic. You can't influence that. You can, however, reduce your overall body fat percentage, and then the abdominal muscles that have been trained so hard will finally become visible.

How do you achieve a lower body fat percentage?

Good question!

You should orientate yourself on the following three areas in order to get a tight stomach:

  • Nutrition (50%)
  • Compiled exercises (25%)
  • Abdominal exercises (25%)

Lose belly fat with proper diet

As you have just learned, diet is extremely important to achieve a flat stomach.

Why is nutrition so important?

Because eating a healthy diet and being aware of what you're putting in your mouth is many times more effective than tormenting yourself with just abs.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to burn 500 to 1000 calories with the help of exercise. People often think that just going out for a run will burn tons of fat quickly.

After a while, the great frustration comes when it turns out that getting rid of belly fat is more difficult than expected. Trying to lose weight by jogging is therefore the stupidest thing you can do if you want to get a toned stomach.

What to eat and what not to eat to get a flat stomach is far more important than just exercising or engaging in an aerobic activity like jogging.

Studies on physical activity and obesity confirm this. An American study has shown that people who are overweight rarely lose weight and burn body fat if they only exercise without changing their diet (source).

In addition, a healthy diet also reduces the problem with an inflated stomach. A disturbed digestion can trigger the problems with a bloated stomach.

Get rid of belly fat with put together exercises

Compound exercises, which are referred to in this country as compiled exercises or combination exercises, are fitness exercises in which several muscle groups are addressed at the same time.

Since this activates several muscle groups at once, these exercises are very effective.

Most abs exercises focus only on the abs. As a result, other muscle groups in the body are hardly trained or not trained at all.

So if you only do abs training, you will miss out on the benefits of the put together exercises.

Combined exercises are very effective for getting a flat stomach because:

  • you consume more calories while exercising.
  • the largest muscle groups are trained and thus the muscles are more defined.

So a combination of a healthy diet and specific exercise is the best way to burn calories and definitely lose body fat.

If you as a woman think that these exercises are only for men, then you are wrong.

By exercising intensely with set-up exercises, you will not only burn off stubborn body fat, but you will also get a firmer and more attractive body over time.

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Lose belly fat with abdominal exercises

When it comes to the abs, it's good to know that the straight abs (rectus abdominis) for the famous 'Sixpack' are responsible.

  • In men, the abdominal muscles will only become visible when the body fat percentage drops to 12% or below.
  • The proportions are slightly different for women, which means that the abdominal muscles become visible from around 18% body fat.

So now you know that abs exercises are not a targeted way to burn belly fat, and that compound exercises are incredibly good for a lean and athletic body.

You also learned that eating right and reducing calories are the most important factors in getting a flat stomach.

Then of course you could ask yourself what other abdominal muscle exercises are good for?

Well, regardless of the above, abs exercises are still very important to get strong abs.

Even if the abdominal muscles may still be hidden under a layer of fat, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be exercised.

With abdominal exercises you strengthen the center of your body.

  • The abdominal muscles not only protect important internal organs, they also ensure better stability of the trunk, better posture and the reduction of back pain.

Conclusion: It is the combination of these 3 important areas that will make you lose weight, lose belly fat and get a more attractive body.

Reduce Belly Fat With 3 Bonus Tips

In addition to the three areas of abdominal fat loss presented above, there are other simple things you can do in everyday life to accelerate the burning of body fat.

Tip # 1: get enough sleep

One of the things I love to do at the weekend is sleep in. Getting enough sleep is also very important in order to avoid a big belly.

I will explain to you exactly how this is related:

An American study with over 1100 male participants showed that there is a connection between little sleep and the amount of belly fat. Men who only sleep 5 hours or less per night are at greater risk of storing fat reserves (source).

So be smart and get at least 6 hours of good sleep every night.

Tip # 2: weight training

Are you still doubting whether you should do aerobic exercise like jogging or rather strength training?

If getting rid of belly fat is your goal, you should opt for fitness and strength training.

  • Long-term studies spanning over 12 years with over 10,000 male participants have shown that strength training is a better way to keep body fat levels low than jogging or cycling (source).

It is true, it is true that you burn more calories with a session of jogging than with doing the same amount of time with fitness training. But the older you get, the more important muscle mass becomes.

  • The older we get, the less muscle mass we still have. And with every pound of muscle mass that we lose, we will also use fewer calories. Or to put it another way: the process of aging also makes us fatter.

Aerobic exercise hardly leads to the production of muscle mass. Strength training, on the other hand, does and it stops the process of muscle wasting in old age.

This is also why women should start weight training and fitness.

It's a fairy tale to think that women should only be doing cardio exercise and leaving the weights on.

And as a woman you don't have to be afraid of turning into a masculine muscle pack at once, because it won't be that fast. Muscle growth is a complex and slow process.

Tip # 3: start with interval training (HIIT)

Do you already know high-intensity interval taring?

Interval training is a popular training method that can be used to burn fat quickly and build condition.

The goal of interval training is to alternate periods of high, explosive intensity with short rest periods.

For example, you can complete a course with obstacles and then pause for a few seconds to catch your breath and let your pulse drop a little.

Just seven interval training sessions seem to be enough to increase fat burning by 36%. Researchers examined eight young adults for this. During interval training, the female participants alternated with a day of rest for two days (source).

Since interval training is very demanding, it is certainly not for everyone, but it is still one of the better ways to burn fat quickly and get a flat one.

8 of the best exercises to help you get a toned stomach

The following exercises will activate both the abdominal muscles and the other largest muscle groups in the body.

  • You should always do at least 4 sets per exercise and 12 repetitions per set.

Losing belly fat has never been easy. As already mentioned, a body fat percentage that is too high can only be successfully combated if the diet is also right.

Exercise # 1: front squat

Front squat is a combined exercise that provides stability in the center of the body and muscle strength in the buttocks and the back thigh muscles.

Exercise # 2: Reverse Leg Raise

Reverse leg raise is an isolated exercise for the abs.

Exercise # 3: Side Plank

Side plank is a great isolated exercise that helps develop abs.

Exercise # 4: power wheel

The power-wheel exercise is an abdominal muscle exercise that can be performed with a bike or a dumbbell.

Exercise # 5: Deadlifts

With a put together exercise like the deadlift exercise, every muscle fiber in the body is activated. No other compound exercise is as strong when it comes to burning fat and building muscle.

Exercise # 6: squats

Squats are put together exercises that work the whole body and also activate the gluteal muscles.

Exercise # 7: Leg Climbers

Leg climbers are effective exercises for developing abs.

Exercise # 8: Ballet Twist

And at the end of this article, I recommend the Ballet Twist, with which you can get a flat and firm stomach. This exercise targets both the obliques and the straight abdominal muscles.

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