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September 2020 - Nothing will stay as it was?

Europe and the crisis - a journey through time

Extraordinary measures are ordered in times of crisis. The state functions and guides us through - all over Europe, society is moving closer together, solidarity is the order of the day, but the EU seems incapable of acting, the damage to society and the economy is enormous. The question is: what comes after? Will there be a “back to normal”, to the internal market, to open borders? What will happen to the great peace project Europe? And what will we remember? Is it that we helped each other or that we let one another down? Ulrike Guérot, longtime Europe expert, reminds us that democracy is different from anyone being able to do what they want. Open, creative and courageous, she asks us to open up the space to think about what a #PostCoronaEurope should look like. Who and how we then want to be in Europe.