Necrolatry I'm depressed what can I do

Am I depressed? what can I do about it & quest;

Hello my dears
It's been about four years after the breakup with my ex boyfriend. Do I have the feeling that I may have depression or mood swings?
I haven't had a relationship since then. Small things tear me down extremely, some days I have tears in my eyes all day and I feel sad and somehow difficult .. difficult to describe.
On other days, however, I'm fine, especially when other people are around, so that I don't brood.

I work for a doctor (not general medicine) I would like to go to a doctor and get a prescription
But somehow I'm embarrassed and I don't even know where to start ..
In addition, I always work at the same time as the general doctors
I don't know what to do
I have been taking neurexan for a long time and now also lasea, but that doesn't lift my mood, it makes me tired and even more tired
I would appreciate suggestions


mental problems don't have to be embarrassing. I have had psychological problems since I was in kindergarten and have been to several psychologists in my life and have done some therapies. Consult a good doctor or psychologist - you really don't have to be embarrassed about this and it is guaranteed to help you! Talk to your boss about it, he will understand you and possibly allow you to have an appointment during working hours.

I wish you luck! You can do it :)