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WhatsApp: Do you know the meaning of these emojis?

When it comes to the meanings of WhatsApp emojis, nobody can fool you so easily? Let's see that! Show how well you really know your way around in our emoji quiz.

Emojis are a visual language that offers a great deal of scope for interpretation. Already in the 19th century there were first gimmicks with faces in newspapers. The first real emoji, the smiley face, was invented in America in 1963. The little faces and symbols are now mainly used in social networks - especially WhatsApp. But it is not always clear which emoji has which meaning. If the definition of the little emotion transmitter between two interlocutors is not clearly clarified, problems can arise in communication - some of them more or less embarrassing.

How are you Do you feel at home in the big world of emojis and do you know all the meanings? Or should you avoid using emojis in the future? Start our quiz and find out!