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Through either unemployment or divorce, single women frequently became the sole breadwinner for their extended families.
This means that the future consumption of a breadwinner's surviving dependents is affected only marginally by the size of his comfort.
In addition, marital tensions may intensity after retirement because the husband loses his role as main breadwinner.
In the strictest terms, all households are multi-active, but when household heads are considered as breadwinners, single-active households can be identified.
Insurance was usually held by the breadwinner of the family, which at the turn of the century was almost universally the husband.
The male's role in a classically corporatist society is that of breadwinner for the family as a whole; the female's role is that of homemaker.
In nearly all cases (94%) their family breadwinner at that time (usually the father) had a working-class occupation (skilled, semiskilled, or unskilled manual worker).
In working class households where many members previously worked in industry, the trend turned towards a single male breadwinner.
Today many women with a family earn money for extras but need state assistance if the male breadwinner disappears.
By contrast, men are more likely to gain where resources are channeled via the main breadwinner or taxpayer.