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Kristian Kropp is dead

Posted on Jun. 17, 2019 by Redaktion under Germany

The managing director of RPR.1 and bigFM, Kristian Kropp (55), has died. This emerges from Facebook messages from former colleagues such as Radio 21 and Rockland Radio managing director Steffen Müller:

Steffen Müller (picture @ Radio21)

“Dear Kristian,
life is unfathomable, even if it gave you almost everything, it took you far too soon.
Even if it brought you a great family, it tore you apart far too soon.
Even if you had so many plans, a lot of what you did endure.
Even if you are no longer there, you live on in Birgit, Paolo and Franka and in the memories of all of us.
There is no answer to the why, there remains the sadness and the comforting thanks for getting to know you.
Your colleague and friend Steffen ”

Gregor Spachmann (bigFM), Jan Trenn (RTL), Kristian Kropp (bigFM) (Image: @RADIOSZENE)

Kristian Kropp passed away after a long and serious illness. That gave RPR1. known today on the homepage.

In the afternoon, the station sent the following press release:

It is with great sadness and deep sadness that we have to inform you that Kristian Kropp passed away last Saturday after a long and serious illness at the age of only 55.

In moments like these we pause and realize how ephemeral life is and that the moments on earth are only given to us for a limited time.

Since February 1, 2000, Kristian Kropp, as managing director of bigFM, has played a key role in shaping and shaping the station's success story.

On June 1st, 2009 Kristian Kropp also took over the management of Radio RPR and successfully aligned the station group with his team to the changing media landscape.

We were impressed by his humanity and constant optimism right up to the end. His enthusiasm and dedication to the radio medium will make us feel at RPR1. and are missing at bigFM.

Our thoughts are with him and his family.

Shareholders, advisory board, management and employees of the RPR group of companies

Kristian Kropp (Image: © RPR1.)

Kristian Kropp was a radio maker with heart and soul and one of the most committed future thinkers on the German radio scene. Especially at the youth broadcaster bigFM, he always picked up on the latest trends and experimented with many ideas because the future of radio was always very important to him.

Kristian Kropp began his career in 1984 as a trainee with the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung in Heidelberg and in 1986 became a reporter and editor for the first private television in Ludwigshafen. From 1988 worked as an editor and from 1990 as chief reporter at Radio Regenbogen in Mannheim. Then in 1993 he moved to Antenne Niedersachsen in Hanover, where he became editor-in-chief and later deputy program director. In the year 200o Kristian Kropp then moved back to Baden-Württemberg to found the new bigFM program in Stuttgart and in 2009 also became managing director of the RPR group of companies and RadioCom in Ludwigshafen.

LFK: On the death of Kristian Kropp

Baden-Württemberg's media landscape is losing great thought leaders and radio enthusiasts

The LFK received the news of the death of the long-time bigFM and Radio RPR managing director Kristian Kropp with great sadness. As a visionary and an important source of inspiration, he has worked successfully for many years on the further development of the private broadcasting landscape in Baden-Württemberg and beyond.

With Kristian Kropp as managing director, bigFM, Germany's first private youth radio, was launched in autumn 1999. As a passionate radio man, Mr. Kropp did not rely on the pedagogical index finger within the program, but wanted to encourage the young listeners to develop their own thoughts on relevant topics. It was not uncommon for him to be ahead of his time with his assessments and directional decisions.

"With Kristian Kropp, the private radio landscape in the southwest and in Germany has lost a creative lateral thinker and visionary and the LFK has lost a reliable partner in the design and development of the radio landscape." Wolfgang Kreissig, President of the State Office for Communication Baden-Württemberg (LFK). For example, Kristian Kropp perceived digitization not only as a technical process from the start, but as a change of times that broadcasters have to face at all levels of their work.

Mr. Kropp's tireless commitment and his inexhaustible enthusiasm for the radio medium will be remembered by all employees and members of the LFK committees.

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