How to sew a skirt elastic waist

How to sew elastic sewing instructions

Sewing elastic into a waistband or cuff is quick and easy.

I'll show you how easy it is in this quick video.

Hello, my name is Angela Wolf! I will show you two ways to sew elastically into a garment.

One technique uses an elastic casing and in the other you sew the elastic directly onto the fabric.

This is a skirt with a waistband casing; it has aa folded edge sewn in with an opening where the elastic is inserted.

First of all you need to mark your elasticfor your waistline.

I've already done that.

As soon as I finish inserting the elastic these two markings have to meet.

An easy way to insert the elastic is with a great security pen as we all put one of those around the house! Insert the locking pin into the 2-inch slot and slide the pin into the housings as far as it will go.

With the pen right here with your left hand I'll lighten the tissue out.

Slide the locking pin and a little further and keep loosening the tissue from.

I'll do this all the way to the skirt.

The only thing you have to be careful about is that you don't lose over the other side of the elastic inside the case or you have to start all over! Continue the locking pin past the sliding seams - and stretch back out of the fabric, you just don't want fabric gathering too much or the elastic can twist it Once I get to the back on the 2 inch opening, pull the elastic enough that you will be able to run this on the sewing machine.

Adjust the registration marks and pin Check the housing on the skirt that the elastic is not twisted.

To secure the elastic, use a zigzag stitch and stitch back and forth a few times.

Cut the excess elastic away.

Also put the elastic out inside the case, and the final step is to close the sewing opening: start with a back stitch, stitch closed and back stitch and your elastic case waistband is complete! Another way to apply elastic is by attaching it properly to the fabric for a flatter look.

If you have an overlocker this is a really quick technique - but I'm going to show you on a sewing machine - this time on a pair of pants.

“On the measured and zigzagged elastic marking line, the half points and quarter points.

the elastic on top along the wrong side of the fabric, mapping the seam on the elastic to the center front with the center front marker and the center marker back to the center back of the pants.

Stretch the elastic and add a couple of pegs - this will help to stitch the elastic in evenly to ease the way around the waist to stitch the elastic onto the fabric with a zigzag stitch length of 1.4 and 3.5 wide.

As you do this, make sure that the elastic stretch to match the length of the fabric.

End your edge and then twist under the elastic towards the left side of the fabric.

Pin in the center seam and the center front - and lets just add a pin to each of the side seams, line up the edge of the presser foot with the edge of the elastic and topstitch the bottom edge of the elastic onto the fabric with a slightly larger zigzag of 1.8 and 4.5 long wide.

Make sure to tilt the elasitc up to the fold and stretch to make the elastic fit the length of the fabric.

Stitch over the first stitch just a little and backstitch - and the waist is complete.

Now you know two techniques for sewing elastic into a waistband! The same techniques work for cuffs too! Thank you for watching! Get expert sewing instructions, free resources and supplies for your next project by clicking the "i" in the top right corner of the video.

Source: Youtube