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6th Chakra / Third Eye (Sanskrit Ajna = perceive)

The third eye chakra is the sixth main chakra in the middle of the head, slightly above and between the eyebrows. It resonates with the colors ranging from indigo blue to purple. It is also called the “Third Eye”. The associated energy body is the heavenly body. Its element is the mind.

The themes of the third eye chakra are:

Soul, spirit, intuition, inner guidance, divine inspiration, presence, clarity, clairvoyance, visualization, telepathy.

Overview of the third eye chakra, third eye

The most important information and assignments relating to the third eye chakra are summarized below:

SurnameThird eye chakra, Ajna (Sanskrit)
Location in the bodyin the middle of the head, above and between the eyebrows
Resonance energy bodyHeavenly body
colourdark purple
Response age21 to 26 years of age
Spiritual qualitiesCommunication with the soul, intuition, higher mind, clairvoyance, visions, imagination, presence
Blocking fearsFear of not knowing and understanding “why”, fear of looking inward
Associated endocrine gland / nerve plexusPituitary gland / carotid plexus
HormonesVasopressin, pituitrin
senseExcept sensual perception
Support from stonesAmethyst, iolite, sapphire
by aromaJasmine, mint, lemongrass, violet, frankincense, basil
through incenseAloe wood, basil, jasmine, camphor, mastic, sandalwood, violet root, peppermint, rosemary, immortelle, incense, juniper
through foodSpiritually motivated fasting, to strengthen the mental strength: intensive fasting, water fasting, tea fasting, vegetable broth fasting Gentler fasting forms: juice fasting, fruit fasting, rice fasting

Third eye: meaning and role

The brow chakra is the seat of the pure presence of the soul. It connects us with the higher intuition and guidance from our soul. It is also the seat of consciousness, the higher spirit and the inner sight.

While the unconscious mind sways back and forth between the lower chakras, the awakened mind anchors itself in the transcendent presence of the frontal chakra. If all other chakras are open, the development is completed and the person finally opens to the divine consciousness and the higher dimensions. Through the brow chakra we receive the guidance of the soul through intuition, which is why it is also called the “gateway to the soul”. We expand our being and our perception far beyond physical reality - our clairvoyant abilities are developed here, which is why this chakra is also called the third eye. The knowledge and experience that we are more than our body arises from the brow chakra. It is the gateway to higher spiritual experiences and real cosmic love.

The development of the frontal chakra is particularly influenced by experiences between the ages of 21 and 26. Very intensive energy work with the third eye is only conditionally recommended before this age, as the nervous system is often only ready to absorb such strong energies during this time. Violent over-activation of the third eye by hallucinogenic drugs can have a particularly negative effect.

Open frontal chakra

A fully open brow chakra enables deep spiritual experiences of cosmic consciousness and abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy and access to higher intuition. People with an activated brow chakra are in close communication with their soul - if it is fully open, they live the strong, almost complete expression of this soul.

Adults, whose third eye chakra is at least activated, have a pronounced imagination, they can visualize things excellently, they encounter ideas as images within themselves. More and more they let go of the limits of their everyday consciousness and let themselves be guided more and more by the universal wisdom and their own intuition, for which they are becoming more and more sensitive. The realization that every event is connected with everything, to recognize and interpret the synchronicities of life, to perceive oneself as a spiritual being - all this distinguishes these people. You live completely in the "now" and are always connected to the crystal clear presence of awareness. They devote themselves to meditation and / or prayer and are aware of the divine in themselves and in everything that surrounds them.

People with an opened third eye can develop clairvoyant gifts, but in any case they are able to perceive unspoken things and to feel and differentiate vibrations in their quality. People with a strong third eye chakra can often communicate telepathically. They use their abilities and their spiritual knowledge to enrich life for others and for themselves. They can adapt to the flow of life and let go of the old to make room for the new.

Third eye and health

From a physical point of view, the pituitary gland (gland) and the carotid plexus absorb the vital energy and pass it on to the endocrine hormone system. The forehead chakra also represents the eyes and the visual pathway in the brain and regulates sleep, our body clock and the biorhythm. With a well-developed forehead chakra, we feel youthful and alive, and we have great strength and endurance.

Disorders of the third eye chakra

In addition to severe karmic causes, in which people close themselves completely to their own soul, the reason why the third eye chakra is underdeveloped in most people is also in the worldview and belief system into which we are born. In our western world in particular, the focus is on a material view of life that leaves little room for an experience beyond physical reality. The development of intuition hardly plays a role in Western education, but like any ability, intuition also needs practice to become finer and more precise.

The third eye chakra also closes through an overemphasis on the intellectual mind and the permanent attempt to have to understand everything rationally - a habit that is very present in our culture. The suppression of emotions and a withdrawal from the body can trigger such an escape into the mind, which in turn blocks the third eye chakra. Certain events between the 21st and the 26th year of life can cause specific disturbances of the star chakra, but in most cases this chakra is simply "underdeveloped".

Psychological effects of a blocked third eye chakra

People whose third eye chakra is not developed lack a sense of the mystical. Everything is viewed from the material and mind-driven, intellectual level, spirituality has little to no place in your life. Only what is visible, measurable, and analytical is accepted as real, accompanied by an intolerance of everything that goes beyond it. Thoughts often revolve around fears and worries. This often leads to mental forlornness and disorientation and, as a result, to feelings of senselessness. These people often live strongly out of their conditioning. Original, visionary thoughts and the development of long-term plans are not possible for those affected. They often also suffer from poor concentration. Illusory realities, nightmares, delusions and hallucinations can be indicators of an activated but severely disturbed third eye chakra.

Physical effects of a blocked third eye chakra

On the physical level, in my experience, a disorder of the frontal chakra often shows itself in headaches and migraines, brain diseases, eye disorders, ear disorders, chron. Cold and sinus infections, nervous system disorders and neurological disorders, memory disorders and epilepsy.

Opening of the third eye / third eye chakra

The most important point for opening the third eye chakra is the focus on intuition and inner guidance and of course an intensive focus on one's own inner world through meditation. Even with small daily decisions, the connection to intuition can be strengthened by simple yes / no queries. Trust in the higher leadership is the central point. Right and wrong play a role, and why does not matter - it is precisely this constant mental questioning that can block the third eye chakra.

Looking deeper behind things, feeling energetic qualities, paying attention to the most subtle premonitions and sensations, strengthens the brow chakra. Defocusing the view towards an open panoramic view, conscious anchoring in the presence and clarity, are also enormously helpful exercises. In addition, visualization and dream travel, art and figurative thinking help. The support through energy work, chakra meditations, gemstones, aromas, incense and a certain diet is often also part of the healing work.

Author: David Rotter


Third eye chakra: diseases and health problems

It is generally advisable to consult a doctor or alternative practitioner in the event of illness or health problems. If he is experienced in energy work, he will know how to use information about a disturbed third eye chakra well.

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            • Hello Jenny,

              thank you for your question. What drugs do, in my perception, is that they forcibly open different chakras and expose your energy system to vibrations that you of course cannot yet reach and that your system cannot actually process.

              I strongly advise against LSD, mushrooms, ayahuasca, DMT etc. In my opinion, this can cause great damage to the energy bodies. Everything you get is then lost twice.

              The second point is that the experiences usually have an unpleasant aftertaste: You look out the window, but you can't really get there - you have to take the door to do this (spiritual practice). Having had an experience that feels so much more real, truer, more beautiful than the state of consciousness you actually have, but knowing that you are miles away from it can be very frustrating. Often people then resort to drugs over and over again - look out of the window again and again - but never get there. In the long run, this leads to mental and energetic decline.

              Drugs are not a way. All that can be got from it is a passing insight into a higher truth. You get a bigger view, you realize that the traditions of the mystics are indeed true, that there is a much greater truth than you thought. This knowledge is of course valuable. But it is not a real, lived and integrated knowledge, wisdom or spiritual realization, but just a memory and a knowledge in the head. That doesn't go very far.
              You can also get knowledge and answers to questions from such trips, but make yourself dependent on it. Instead of opening oneself to one's own soul and naturally receiving this knowledge within, one needs a drug to “open” one's third eye. This is not a very wise way for me.

              Take the knowledge you have gained and reshape your life according to this knowledge. You will naturally be able to live in an expanded consciousness permanently - the time in the moment is very supportive. Dorgen won't bring you closer to that goal in my experience. You have already got everything that can be gotten from drugs: a glimpse into the truth. Now it's about living that.

              All the best!