Brettzel Stretch Instructions for Tying

Gift ribbon ideas

Single wing loop

Delightful minimalism

A one-wing loop is made in no time and is a success even for the most inexperienced ribbon artist. It is by no means boring: Because you rarely see this simple bow, it effortlessly becomes a fancy highlight. Use it to put a classy ribbon in the limelight!

Double bow for the Christmas tree

The classic with a Christmas look

It is very easy to make stylish Christmas tree decorations yourself: If you combine two two-wing loops, an extravagant eye-catcher is created in no time at all.

Double bow with two wings and a Christmas tree ball

Focus on the sphere

A great way to show off Christmas tree balls is to combine them with the double-wing bow. Experiment with different ribbons in color, width and material and create Christmas tree decorations with a special touch.

Double bow on the Christmas present

Versatile packed

The double-wing loop has a cumbersome name, but it is made easy. At Christmas it trumps in combination with winter accessories, e.g. small fir branches, and becomes a real eye-catcher. An attractive feature of this gift design: the great scope for design within the band variations and combinations.

Tuff bow for the Christmas tree

Elegant highlight

If you want to decorate your Christmas tree in a particularly festive way, you can use the tuff bow. Done quickly, it impresses above all with its glamorous appearance. At Christmas time it is doubly convincing: if you combine it with a nice accessory, the elegant eye-catcher is perfect!

Tuff bow on the Christmas present

Festive elegance

She is the elegant one among the bows, you cannot escape her charm. The tuff bow shines naturally on your Christmas tree, but it also unfolds its sophisticated effect on a Christmas present: with a high-quality tuff bow, even the Christ Child gets big eyes.

Attachment of Christmas tree balls

Simple but effective

A great, simple tip for your Christmas tree: attach Christmas tree balls with ribbon. And since it looks so beautiful and tying is not the same as tying, here are a few instructions.

Christmas poly ribbon nest

For curling

Admittedly, when you think of polybands, you quickly see colorful circles and children's birthdays. A reason to forget the squiggles? Not at all! This bow look is simply timeless and looks very elegant in a Christmassy garb.

Two-wing loop

The classic

If one speaks simply of a loop ’, it is meant: the two-wing loop. It is not only the most famous of the bows, but also simply timelessly beautiful. We'll show you how to get the classic flawlessly for your gift!

Double loop with two wings

Wonderfully changeable

A simple bow can do more than you think: if you tie two two-wing bow together, the classic can easily become an extravagant one-of-a-kind item. Experiment with colors, materials, the loop size and ribbons of different widths as you wish!

Double loop

Two color game

The attraction of the two-loop loop lies in its asymmetry. Classic color combinations such as black and white are therefore particularly effective. Or of course the colors of his soccer club: How about black / yellow, red / white or blue / white? A guaranteed hit!

Tuff bow

A touch of luxury

A lush tuff bow arouses great expectations - at least when it is made of fine satin. And a gift chosen with love will certainly fill you. So don't be shy: conjure up sparkling eyes with the queen of ribbons!

Butterfly bow

Happy moth

Straightforward and uncomplicated: the butterfly bow does not have any loops. It is particularly useful when another loop could be crushed or an envelope should remain flat. Make them an original eye-catcher with bright colors!

Bow loop

Successful all round

May it be a little bit more? With its splendidly curved loops, the bow bow looks really good. It is not for purists, but for the big appearance without much effort. The wider the tape, the larger the arches can be. Try it!

Premium loop

Timelessly elegant

The name says it all: The premium bow looks particularly stylish. Bound from fine satin, it becomes a noble accessory for your present. But be sure to use a wide tape! The wide belt in the middle is the highlight of this bow.

Polyband nest

Iconic circles

Who does not know them, the tried and tested polyband squiggles. Totally out, do you mean? Not at all, it depends on the interpretation. Wrap several, different colored ribbons around the gift - symmetrically or criss-cross according to your mood! This will make your decoration fresh and modern.

Polyband splicing

Cheeky fringes

Poly ribbons can be perfectly spliced ​​into many fine fringes. With this colorful and unusual decoration you can especially inspire children. It is so easy to make that the young artists can conjure it up (almost) all by themselves. So: To the splicer, set, go!