What does tfw mean



Tfw is an acronym for the statement "that feel when ..."

It is increasingly used in memes and online language and is used to shorten the written sentences and give them a slightly humorous character.

The statement creates this by associating it with memes and corresponding humor.

It tries to get the reader to deal with the feeling described afterwards.

That feeling when a pigeon has more money than you

Origin of the term

The acronym comes from the Internet world, where users want to express themselves with as few keystrokes as possible, thus creating abbreviations.

Many memes arose from this abbreviation, such as the “tfw no gf” meme or the “tfw too intelligent” meme.

It is generally assumed that other users have already experienced the situation shown and can empathize with it.

The meme “I know that feel bro” could also stand for this.

I know that feel bro

Spread of the term

How did tfw spread?

The abbreviation can be found tfw only in writing and then only in the world of the web.

The expression "That feeling when ..." is nevertheless occasionally used in the parlance of adolescents and teenagers with its meme association.

The abbreviation can mainly be found online in imageboards, forums and on meme portals such as 9GAG.


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