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Vacation and travel in Germany Vacation travel plays a major role. You save and plan for it a few months in advance. About sixty-seven percent of Germans spend their holidays abroad. Because they want to forget everyday life and enjoy sunny, warm weather. Many families go camping, visiting relatives or spending their holidays at home. Particularly young people often take the inexpensive vacation. They hitchhike and spend the night in youth hostels, and they earned their money by working. In recent years, more and more people have refrained from traveling by air and migrate because they do not want to pollute the environment of the destination countries and want to get to know more about their home. Dictation of the old and the modern When you are in Berlin, you can see everything: old and modern. The Reichstag building is over 200 years old. But its glass dome is new. On the street "Unter den Linden" you will find famous buildings of old Berlin such as the German State Library, the German State Opera, the Humboldt University and many others. Potsdamer Platz was almost there after the war and the division of the city Completely destroyed. Now everything is brand new, large and modern. The TV tower is a modern landmark. And the remains of the Berlin Wall remind us of the division of Germany. Around the new Marlene-Dietrich-Platz are cafes and cinemas and shopping centers. Berlin is an old, but also a modern city. This is where young and old, Germans and foreigners meet. Diktat MeineFreunde Hermann is a dream man. He has a long face and a dark mustache, His thick eyebrows and full wavy hair Hair is very noticeable. He looks dreamy and is just my type: smart, strong, freedom-loving and idealistic He often tells me about his dream of traveling. He wants to get to know the big world That's why he is often on the road. Veronika is my good friend. She has dark, gentle eyes and her mother's thin lips. Your forehead is high and smooth. She has fair skin and a pointed chin. She is slim and looks classic. Her hobby is ballet. I believe she will be a good dancer. Childhood memory dictation Two weeks ago I got a call from Vera. Then I remembered a picture from our childhood together. We were seven years old at the time and we were running to school. She wore a pink skirt, a white blouse, and yellow rubber boots. I wore blue shorts and a white and red checked shirt. Her long, curly and light blonde hair flew in the air. Her large, blue-green eyes shone with joy. She laughed in a ringing and happy voice, showing off both of her teeth. I was more of a calm child, reserved and always a bit scared. Two years later, her family moved to Berlin. Then we lost sight of each other. Dictation Again, subway pickpocket I rode the subway line yesterday. It was five o'clock and the compartment was very full. Suddenly I saw two thieves steal a man's wallet. They were very skilled. One of the thieves, a man with long hair, started a conversation with a passenger and the other black jacket pulled his wallet out of his pocket. A man even chased the thief, but unfortunately he lost track of him. the newspaper said that the thieves stole 1000 euros and some bank cards. The police say that you have to be careful because the perpetrators are very clever. The first time I was on a business trip. When I returned, my television set, expensive jewelry, and a sum of money were gone. Only a few weeks later, the burglars stole my music system, my valuable coin collection and my new computer. A year later, the burglars took my video camera and other technical equipment with them. And the last time I came home from vacation, my closet was empty. I think I'm going to put up a sign saying: After four break-ins, there's nothing more to be found here! Diktat7 No stress If you have to stay healthy you avoid stress at work and in your free time. Those who work a lot also have to take enough breaks. Too much stress is dangerous. Most of the time, stress comes with other bad habits. Many people then smoke a lot. Smoking is unhealthy for the heart. But in difficult situations and when stressed, many people smoke more than usual. And they drink far too much coffee. This is bad for the heart and the stomach too. It is good to be part of the leisure sport. But you mustn't do too much either, because then you have stress again. And that's unhealthy. Diktat8 Skiing and Health Skiing is healthy. But skiing can also be a dangerous sport. More than 200,000 skiers injure themselves every season in Germany. Many skiers have stood on the lift for a long time, muscles and bones are cold. Accidents then happen more easily. Day tickets are also expensive. So you can make as many runs as possible with a day pass. Often, however, skiers are not well trained because they work in an office all year round. Most accidents happen after 3 p.m. Many skiers have a few beers at lunchtime. They then think they can drive like the big stars on TV. This is one of the reasons why many accidents happen. Diktat9 doctor visit Germany there are general practitioners and specialists. If you are sick, you can go straight to any doctor. Most people, however, have a trusted family doctor. You go to him first. If necessary, he will then send you on to a specialist. If you have to go to a doctor's office, you should make an appointment. Then you don't have to wait that long. You must always show your insurance card when you visit a doctor. Health insurance pays for the examination and treatment. You can only get medication in pharmacies in Germany. Even if you have health insurance, you have to pay part of the cost of medication and special services yourself. Diktat10 Flexible reading We are very quick and flexible when reading our mother tongue. We only read interesting and very important texts slowly, carefully and perhaps several times. When reading most of the texts, however, we only want to pick out some important information. When reading a foreign language, however, we often forget that. We read everything very slowly and thoroughly, want to understand every word exactly and say at the first unknown word:? I don't understand anything at all. The text is heavy. However, only certain information is important in foreign language texts. We don't have to understand everything. We should practice reading flexibly and quickly even in a foreign language. Diktat11 Development of Unknown Words While reading the foreign language texts, you will repeatedly come across unfamiliar words. You don't need to use a dictionary at the first unknown word. First read on and decide: Is the word important to the understanding at all? If so, try to understand it about the various development methods. Is it a foreign word that you know from English? Can you infer the meaning from the context or from the word formation? Only when all of this proves impossible do you look up a dictionary. There are only a few women in Germany. You rarely see female students studying engineering at universities and colleges. Most of the girls still choose the typical female jobs. Some believe that men's jobs are too heavy and dirty for women. But not all women want to work as a woman's profession like a teacher. A few women are also fascinated by the technology. Some of them want to study environmental engineering. Others are interested in mechanical engineering or communications technology. "Girls can be as good at technology as men," they say confidently. Many German universities are now also offering special courses. They want to take away women’s fear of male-dominated technical subjects. Diktat 13 The dual system in Germany When young people in Germany are not studying at a university, they usually do vocational training. There are currently around 380 recognized training occupations. Most of the trainees have a secondary or secondary school leaving certificate. However, many look for a training position for a long time or cannot find one at all. Vocational training takes three or three and a half years. While young people are doing vocational training, they have to attend vocational school one or two days a week. The other days they work in the company. He is responsible for the practical part of the training. At the end of your training you take a final exam. This vocational training system is called the dual system because it is based on two principles: practical training in the company and theoretical training at the vocational school. Dictation 14 An internship Indra has just finished high school. Your career aspiration:? Something to do with advertising or public relations. That's why she called various press offices. She actually wanted a vacation job. She was lucky: she was offered a real internship that lasted several weeks. She was shown the different areas of work. First sat? she on the phone, answering written inquiries and sending out brochures. Now she should also learn how to use the computer. ? The internship at the press office is worth more than a job to make money, says Indra. Now she hopes that she will get a permanent position in the fall. "Until then, I can still gain some experience," she says. Dictation 15 Ever Better Opportunities Women Forty-seven percent (47%) of the working population in Germany are women today. Women are much more successful at work than they used to be. In the early 1980s women hardly had any income of their own. So that has changed. There is one main reason for the success of women: They received good schooling and vocational training today. In education, women have not only caught up with men, they have even overtaken them. There are more high school graduates than high school graduates and as many university graduates as university graduates. In the low-skilled group, there are far fewer women than men. It is estimated that women's chances in the labor market will continue to improve. Diktat 16 Life of a family with four generations Hans Maier lives in a large family. At home some things are of course a bit difficult. The old think a little differently than the young. His grandparents do not understand at all that you can live together and have a child without a marriage license. And his parents were very disappointed with him at the time and scolded him because his girlfriend had a child from him. In the past, his parents always wanted him to stay their little boy. But of course he wanted to become independent. It was always a complicated relationship. Now the situation has eased thanks to the grandchild. His girlfriend has stopped working since they had the child. This is her family's best at the moment. Diktat 17 Bicycle tours More and more Germans want to combine vacation and sport. Many young people are fans of trend sports such as diving and surfing. But most of the sports vacationers are interested in traditional sports. Bike tours are very popular. There are 40 million bikes today and you cycle in the open air with your family or friends. Many take part in organized tours. The tour lasts a few days. Every day you drive 30 to 60 kilometers. On the way, cyclists enjoy the beautiful landscape and the fresh air. the group can be used to make new friends and do something with them. That’s a lot of fun. The bike tours are not only good for your physical health, but also for your mental health. Diktat 18 The visually impaired swimmer Katja Reuter is studying at a sports high school. Like other students here, she also does competitive sports. She started swimming a few years ago. But she is the only visually impaired of a thousand Sciliar. she has to take a lot of time for school and training. Together there are thirteen hours every day. She's only home at half past seven in the evening, doing her homework. She also needs time to compete and travel. It is exhausting, but she does everything with great fun. She has finally managed to win several dozen medals in breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke, as well as gold and silver medals at the Olympic Games for the disabled. Dictation 19 Correcting errors When correcting errors, first look at the key. Where are your mistakes? which lesson do you find the exercise to do so? Make a list of mistakes. If your mistakes are almost all in a lesson, repeat the whole lesson again. Are your mistakes grammatical errors? Then take a look at the grammar parts of all the lessons again. Ask your teacher which exercises are important to you. If your mistakes are vocabulary mistakes, repeat useful phrases in all of the lessons. Then practice with the others. Finally, repeat all of the lessons thoroughly. It is best if you make yourself a program every day. Diktat 20 A diary in German It is also a good method when learning German to write a diary in German. Here you can put everything on paper: good learning experiences, nice and interesting experiences or even unpleasant ones. You can view the diary as an exercise field. you can try out your language as you wish. Don't be afraid here. Nobody can laugh at you because of the mistakes. But work step by step anyway. It is almost impossible that you will already be able to write the first draft perfectly and without errors. You should read, correct, and revise what has been written over and over again. If you turn back the diary later, you will find that you have made great strides in the German language. Dictation 21 Typically German To the question: is typically German? the tourists surveyed have different opinions. Lucia Sanmarin from Sao Paulo says:? The Germans are very direct and honest. They always speak their mind. People like to discuss everything about Germany. But many Germans can neither listen nor accept someone else's opinion. You want immDiktat 22 guilt or help? Are the television and computers to blame for the fact that more and more young people no longer read books? There are different opinions on this question. Some believe that reading is neglected by young people because of the use of TV and PC. But others feel that it is not necessarily so. Whether children use printed media or electronic media, they can become good readers. The development of reading habit also depends heavily on parents. If