What is the plural of the elves

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Elf means: a mythological being, see elves
the abbreviation for electronic telecommunications billing, see EDIFACT
Elf (lightning), a natural phenomenon in meteorology
Elfe (glider), a series of gliders in a special composite construction, the properties of which come close to the GRP construction
Elfe (given name), a female given name
Fairy Tailors (1905-1970)
Elfe Gerhart-Dahlke, better known as Elfe Gerhart, a former Austrian actress and visual artist
Wilhelm Elfe (1843–1931), honorary citizen of Wittenberg
Elfe, brand name of the former French car manufacturer Ateliers Defrance Frères
an IT procedure in the KONSENS project, see consensus (software)
ELFE 1-6, a psychological test procedure for measuring reading comprehension
Elfe (chocolate factory), a chocolate manufacturer in Berlin-Weißensee, emerged from the Berlin branch of Trumpf Schokolade (1949–1991) Read more