Chowking delivery number Checkpoint Calamba

Chowking, calamba

Visited Chowking, 1st floor, SM City, Calamba last Saturday. As expected, weekend, too many people were there. The staff are friendly but rattled due to the high volume of customers on weekends. Also experienced 10 minutes waiting time for spoon and fork to arrived since ... there were no available in the canister. It's so frustrating that after waiting for 15 minutes for the order to arrived you still need to wait extra 10 minutes for the spoon and fork. Since it's weekend, we obliged to occupy outside tables from the chain, no problem with that. From the tables we're sitting in, the flies, not only one, quite alarming since it is inside the mall, were all around the areas, inside and outside the chain's area. I don't know if it is everyday scenario but to think that the chain is inside a mall, it's quite questionable whether they give a sh * t or not for the health of their customers, or they just cared about the profit. Just asking though ... More