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Liar sayings

Regardless of whether it is a relationship, friendship, family or professional life - trust is the be-all and end-all. When this special bond between people is broken, it is usually very difficult to restore. Our 100 Liar sayings While they won't expose liars or expose the truth, they are guaranteed to be thought provoking. Lies are known to have short legs and are usually on very thin ice. Often it is not about the lie itself but rather about the disappointment. It hurts the most in love and long-term friendships. These sayings and quotes about liars are not only sad and profound, but also funny and full of wisdom.

If you always tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything - liar sayings

1. Nobody believes a liar. Even if he's telling the truth.
Sara Shepard

2. The punishment of the liar is, not least, that one does not believe him, but that he cannot believe anyone else.
George Bernard Shaw

3. A storyteller invents things to help other people; a liar invents things to help himself.
Daniel Wallace

4. Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile.

5. If you lie once, your whole truth becomes questionable.

6. No man has a good memory to become a successful liar.
Abraham Lincoln

7. The essence of lying is in deception, not in words.
John Ruskin

8. Of all the lies I've heard, "I love you" was my favorite.

9. Lies are made with words, and also with silence.
Adrienne Rich

10. Every time you lie it brings me a little closer to saying goodbye.

Good can never arise from lies and violence by Mahatma Gandhi - Liar Proverbs

11. The truth may hurt for a while, but a lie hurts forever.

12. The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool.
Stephen King

13. The problem is, we both know you are lying. Only you don't know that I know.

14. I overlooked the lies in your eyes because I believed the truth in your words.

15. The worst part of being lied to is knowing that you weren't worth the truth to that person.

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16. Never lie to someone who trusts you. Never trust someone who lies to you.

17. I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that I can't believe you from now on.

18. Lies have short legs.

19. You can't keep lying and expect people to trust you.

20. Honesty is an expensive gift, which cannot be expected from cheap people.

Never argue with someone who believes their own lies - liar sayings

21. Smart liars reveal details, but the smartest do not.

22. A person who says they'll never lie to you is probably already lying.

23. A lie may care about the present, but it has no future.

24. A good liar knows that the most effective lie is always a truth that has been deprived of a key piece.
Carlos Ruiz Zafon

25. Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.

26. People believe the majority and not the truth.

27. Never lie to a woman when asked. Sometimes she already knows the answer. That's why she asks.

28. A good liar needs to remember his lies.

29. An honest enemy is always better than a friend who lies.

30. When you stop telling lies about me, I will stop telling the truth about you.

An honest enemy is always better than a friend who lies - liar sayings

31. What I don't understand is how a person can tell you so many lies and never get bad.

32. Lying is one of the quickest ways to ruin a nice relationship.

33. Those who suppress the truth when they know the truth make themselves accomplices of liars and counterfeiters.
Charles Peguy

34. Apology accepted, trust denied.

35. It takes a lot of truth to gain trust, but only a lie to lose everything.

36. What I don't understand is how a person can tell you so many lies and never feel bad about it.

37. Be careful who you pretend to be. You could forget who you are.

38. Liars are the cause of all sins and crimes in the world.

39. Always choose the ugly truth over a pretty lie.

40. Better to be struck with the truth than to be kissed with a lie.

41. Lies are like credit. You enjoy it now, but you pay for it later.

42. Liars share a desire not to be deceived with those they deceive.
Sissela Bok

43. If the words don't go together, it's usually because the truth wasn't in the equation.

44. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

45. You're not sorry you did, you're sorry I found out.

46. ​​Women do not lie, we adapt the truth to the situation.

47. It always takes two to lie. One who lies and one who believes.

48. Some people are so poor that they cannot even afford a character.

49. If you want to be trustworthy, just be honest.

50. The best liar is the one who gets along the longest with the fewest lies.
Samuel Butler

51. Anyone who says they're a good liar obviously isn't, for any legitimately savvy liar would always insist on being honest about anything.
Chuck Klosterman

52. The lie is like a snowball: the longer you roll it, the bigger it becomes.
Martin Luther

53. I do not tolerate liars. I am a nice person, not a stupid one.

54. Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst is your own fears.
Rudyard Kipling

55. I respect people who tell me the truth. No matter how hard it is.

56. With the lie you come through the whole world, but you never come back.

57. The hardest fall a man can make is falling over his own bluff.
Ambrose Bierce

58. A lady would rather be hurt with the truth than with a lie.

59. Liars are always most likely to curse.
Vittorio Alfieri

60. Big or small, lies are lies.

61. I love listening to someone lie when I know the truth.

62. It is bad manners to say "I love you" with a mouth full of lies.

63. When it came to the truth and the lies, I would much rather have heard a painful truth than a comforting lie.

64. There is beauty in truth, even if it is painful. Those who lie twist life so that it looks delicious to the lazy, brilliant to the ignorant, and powerful to the weak. But lies only reinforce our mistakes. They teach nothing, help nothing, repair nothing, and heal nothing. They also do not develop their own character, their own mind, their own heart or their own soul.
Jose N. Harris

65. If you always tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

66. Never lie to the person you love. It's not worth it and she doesn't deserve it.

67. While photos don't lie, liars can take photos.
Lewis Hine

68. Don't lie to me unless you are absolutely certain that I will never find the truth.

69. Only lies need the support of the state authority. The truth stands up by itself.
Thomas Jefferson

70. You don't lie to the person you love. It's the worst thing a lover can do.

71. It is always the best policy to tell the truth unless one is an exceptionally good liar.
Jerome K. Jerome

72. If someone lies to you, it's because they don't respect you enough to be honest and because they think you're too stupid not to tell the difference.

73. Good can never arise from lies and violence.
Mahatma Gandhi

74. The most dangerous liars are those who believe they are telling the truth.

75. Lies and poetry are arts.
Oscar Wilde

76. The greatest benefit of speaking the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said.

77. If only lies can save us, it is over and we are lost.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

78. If you look up the dictionary, you will find that there are references not only to strong attraction, but also to spells and magic. On the other hand, what are liars if not great magicians?
Deb Caletti

79. Never lie, because you can never remember what you've said.
Konrad Adenauer

80. Whoever lies for you will also lie against you.

81. Men need to learn that they are better off telling the truth right away, because women always end up finding it out.

82. One lie drags ten others.

83. You don't have to be sorry. I trusted you, my fault, not yours.

84. Silence is better than nonsense.

85. I'm so used to hearing so many lies that the truth doesn't even seem real.

86. Whoever wants to lie, it is said, must first persuade himself.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

87. A liar must have a good memory.

88. When you tell the truth, it becomes part of your past. When you tell a lie it becomes part of your future.

89. Lies can start wars, while truths can stop entire armies.
Otto von Bismarck

90. I have studied pathological liars and everything they say they believe and that is one of the reasons they are so persuasive because they have no connection with the truth. It's an unsolvable problem. It's like they're color blind to the truth. So everything that comes out of their mouth is their reality.
Jane Velez-Mitchell

91. The ability to lie is what distinguishes humans from animals.
Claus Jacobi

92. One can lie with the tongue, but not with the eyes.

93. And if everyone else believed the lie spread by the party, if all the records were the same, then the lie would go down in history and become the truth.
George Orwell

94. Just be honest with me or stay away from me. It's not that difficult.

95. The moment of truth follows the end of a lie.
Franz Kern

96. Not telling me or deliberately hiding something is exactly the same as lying.

97. A lie has already run around the earth three times before the truth puts its shoes on.
Mark Twain

98. It's not the lie that bothers me. It is the insult to my intelligence that I find insulting.

99. The truth doesn't cost anything, but a lie could cost you everything.

100. If lying was a job, I know some people would be billionaires.