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Dragon Quest XI has been shipped over 3 million times in Japan

After we were able to report last week that Dragon Quest XIhas sold over 2 million copies and has made it to the top of the Japanese sales charts Square Enix announced today during the Dragon Quest Summer Festival in Tokyo that by Dragon Quest XI over 3 million units were delivered and sold digitally.

As a special goodie, there were the original orders for the characters, which were passed on by the development team to character designer Akira Toriyama, so that he would ultimately design the characters for this purpose (Note: If you can read and translate Japanese, you will spoil yourself a bit. The translated descriptions are partly shortened as a result, the spoilers were left out directly.):

The hero

A 16 year old boy, 170 centimeters tall. A hero who is hunted by a kingdom and plays with fate. The hero should look rough and different from what we have had in heroes up to now.


A cool, 19 year old man, 175 centimeters tall. A mysterious hooded thief protecting the hero. A master of the sword. Note on the outfit: He is wearing a hooded outfit. The hood is usually worn down.


A young girl, 125 centimeters tall. A magician and descendant of the family who is responsible for protecting the hero. She wears a robe and a staff that does not fit her size. She has a strong-willed demeanor.