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My kahuna training

Personal transformation

Kahuna training is the way that traditional Hawaiians understood and lived the universal laws of the universe. When body, mind and spirit are free and one, the individual is free. The universal laws work equally for everyone, whether we believe in them or not. No matter what religion, skin color, origin - the universal laws are inevitable. The universe works exactly whether we see it or not. When we recognize this, it becomes possible for us to change our reality or to control it consciously.

The basic principle of the Kahunas is family. Most people think of other people when doing this. The teaching of the Kahunas goes deeper than that. It is about the essence of all existence. That means; everything we think and talk about, everything we see and hear, everything we consume, eat and feel, through everything we walk, everything we stand on, every moment of our lives. High up, deep down, all around, in between - everything is part of us and we are part of everything. Life energy is in everything. Kahuna training is a physically initiated psychogenetic transformation back into one's own center. There is an infinite amount of mana (life energy) there.

In the following video you can see Kahu Abraham Kawai’i († 2004).
He talks about the laws of the family.