How do I create a media player in Netbeans

Create a playlist with VLC Media Player

In the mass of media players, the VLC media player stands out due to its functionality and reliability. If you use the VLC Media Player Download regularly, you will not be able to avoid collecting several video files in a playlist so that they can be played comfortably one after the other.


VLC media player

Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows, Windows 10

Collected files are played in sequence in a playlist organized with VLC Media Player. This saves the user having to laboriously enter a new film or media content for playback after each video file.

Create and organize playlists in VLC Media Player

If you want to play files one after the other directly from Windows, they are first marked with the mouse. If the VLC MediaPlayer is set up as the standard program for the playback of the selected media formats, the marked files are automatically added to a playlist and played after clicking on “Playback”. Additional files can be created with the selection of "Add to VLC Media Player playlist " queue in the active playlist of the VLC media player. If the VLC Media Player is already open, the window for the playlist can be reached via the button "L". Additional videos and media files can be added to the playlist by dragging and dropping and sorted in the order afterwards. Right-click to reach the menu to add further files by selection, to add entire folders to the playlist or to remove the current playlist from the VLC media player. By selecting the "Play" button, the files from the active list are played in sequence. If you click with the right mouse button in the active video, you can individual files Select "Playlist" for playback via the menu.

With a right click several files can be added to a playlist in VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player - Save the playlist and call it up later

A playlist that has already been created can be used with the Save VLC Media Playerto view the queued media files at a later time. To do this, select the option "Save media playlist to file ..." from the menu bar. Alternatively, the menu to save playlists with the VLC Media Player can be reached via the shortcuts"Ctrl + Y". The file format for the playlist can be .xspf, .m3u or .html. To play all content from the playlist again, simply double-click on the playlist file created in the selected format.

Files can be sorted afterwards in a playlist created with VLC Media Player

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