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Two-factor authentication is a great way to make sure your account is secure, but having to enter a code every time you have to log in can be a real pain. However, thanks to Google's new code-less prompt authentication, accessing your Google account can be a lot easier - all you have to do is access your phone.

Basically, the new "prompt" is sent instead of a code. sends a push notification to your phone asking if you want to log in. You acknowledge this, and pretty much it is - it automatically signs in with the push of a button. And best of all, it's available for both Android and iOS (but the latter requires the Google app).

First things first: you need two-factor authentication (or "2-step verification" as Google often states) to have it enabled on your account. To do this, go to the Google login page. From there you can activate the confirmation in two steps in the section "Sign in to Google".

Once all of this is set up or you've already activated 2FA, simply switch to the 2FA menu and enter your password. There are a number of different options on this page, including your default option (whatever that may be - to me, it's "voice or text message"), along with your list of 10 backup codes. To get started with the new Google prompt, scroll down to the "Set up a second alternative step" section.

There are a variety of options here, but this is Google Command Prompt. Click the "Add Phone" button to get started. A pop-up will appear with the following information: "Instead of the verification code, enter a prompt on your phone and tap to sign in." Yes . "Sounds easy - click" Get started. " "

On the next screen, choose your phone from a drop-down list. It's worth noting that this requires a phone with a secured lock screen before it works, so if you're not already using one, now is the time to activate it. If you are an iOS user, you need the Google app from the App Store.

Once you have selected the appropriate phone (or tablet), click "Next". This will immediately send a push notification to the selected phone asking you to confirm that you want to sign in.

As soon as you tap "Yes", you will receive a confirmation on the PC. That's pretty neat.

This will also change your default second step to Google Prompt, which makes a lot of sense because it's so much easier. Honestly, I wish I could use this option for every account that I have 2FA enabled on. Come on, Google, come on.

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that everyone should really be using on every account that offers it. It's much easier to make sure your Google account is as secure as possible thanks to Google's new command prompt system.