What are some quality indicators in nursing

Quality indicators

Quality indicators are firmly defined criteria that can be used to measure, display and compare medical quality in a hospital or practice. The IQTIG examines which criteria these are and why they come into question, and defines appropriate procedures and instruments for external quality assurance.

Further information on the instrument of quality indicators can be found in the methodological basics.

An annually updated quality indicator database, the QIDB, summarizes all indicators once for inpatient and once for cross-sector quality assurance. Information on this can be found in the current reading instructions for QIDB calculation rules.

The service providers, i.e. hospitals and medical practices, collect the data required for the measurement and make them available to the IQTIG. Either directly or indirectly via the state offices for quality assurance (LQS), the state working groups (LAG), the state hospital associations (LQG) or the statutory health insurance associations (KV). In addition, the IQTIG works with other partners in the healthcare sector.