How to glue hair together

10 tips for beautiful hair that really make a difference

Long, shiny and healthy hair - who doesn't dream of it? However, perfect styling and careful maintenance come at a price. We will show you how you can use simple tips to make the dream of gorgeous, beautiful hair come true with little effort.

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Tip 1: strengthen your scalp

The foundation for beautiful and full hair is a healthy scalp. So stimulate your scalp regularly with massages. This stimulates the blood circulation and gets the sebum glands on their toes, which are important for healthy hair growth.

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Tip 2: use the right shampoo

When choosing your shampoo, always make sure that it is free from synthetic chemicals such as silicone. These can put additional strain on your hair. Especially if you wash your hair every day, it is better to use care products with only natural ingredients.

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Tip 3: Comb your hair before washing

Before washing, brush your hair carefully, especially if styling products such as gel or spray have been used. So you can easily remove residues from the hair and make it easy to comb through after shampooing.

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Tip 4: don't comb your hair wet

When wet, your hair is much weaker and less resilient. This makes it easier for hair to break and split ends when combing.

  • Instead, to detangle your hair, try gently combing individual strands with your fingers.
  • To make this easier, apply a conditioner after washing with shampoo and leave it on your hair for a few minutes.
  • The untangling should then work without any problems.

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Tip 5: don't wash your hair too hot

Be careful not to wash your hair with water that is too hot. The higher the water temperature, the drier your scalp and the more brittle your hair will be.

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Tip 6: moisturize your hair

Beautiful and healthy hair needs a lot of moisture. You should therefore regularly - preferably weekly - use special hair treatments, e.g. with coconut oil, to replenish the moisture deposits in your hair.

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Tip 7: dry your hair gently

So that your hair does not become strawy and dry, it is best to avoid blow-drying. It is best to let your hair air dry. If you want it to go faster, dry your lukewarm on the medium hair dryer setting or use a special hair dryer with an infrared sensor.

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Tip 8: don't rub your hair dry

If you rub your hair dry with a towel after washing it, the delicate cuticle will be destroyed and the hair will become dull. So squeeze out your wet hair with your hands and let it dry on an absorbent microfiber towel under a turban.

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Tip 9: Pay attention to heat protection

Sometimes you need a little heat for perfect styling. To ensure that your hair is not damaged in the process, make sure that there is sufficient heat protection when using a hairdryer, straightening iron or curling iron. To do this, spray your hair with a heat protection spray beforehand to prevent split ends and dryness.

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Tip 10: tie your hair loosely at night

It's best to braid your hair in a loose braid before bed. This will prevent knots from forming while sleeping and hair that has already been split from becoming more tangled.

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