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Can you tell from the outline which 12 countries can be seen here?

From TRAVELBOOK | December 04, 2020, 5:18 p.m.

Germany and Italy should most likely be recognized by their outline, but what about other countries whose shape on the map is not quite as concise? TRAVELBOOK shows the outline of 12 countries - who can tell which one it is?

Most people recognize their own home country straight away by its shape alone, after all you get to see it often enough when you are at school. But what about other states? Test your good eye and geography knowledge: How many of the following 12 countries do you recognize based on their outline alone?

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Why do some states have so straight borders?

There are countries where the borders with neighboring states look as if they were once drawn with a ruler, for example in North Africa near Algeria, Libya or Sudan. In fact, the borders of many states were artificially determined one day - in the case of North Africa, for example, at the so-called Congo Conference, in which the former colonial powers divided the continent between themselves from November 1884 to February 1885. In the USA, too, the states have very straight lines in many cases, as they were also determined and are not based on natural features (such as rivers or mountain ranges).

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