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How can I protect my mother from her?

Hello, there are certainly many questions about the youth welfare office and report someone to the youth welfare office. But this is a slightly different case.

It will be a bit longer text, but there is no other way to explain the context.

In my (former) circle of friends there was someone who has 2 small children with his ex-girlfriend (1 1/2 years and 2 1/2 years). She herself has 2 children from other men, her oldest daughter lives with her birth father who can neither write nor read. The other 3 children are with the mother. Until recently, my former friend still lived with his ex. It all started a good 3 years ago. She got pregnant relatively quickly, and it wasn't long after the birth and the next child was already on its way. There was a daily quarrel between the two parents. She cheated on her boyfriend regularly, just drove away on her own for the weekend and left the children at home. At some point she moved in with her new "friend", the father wanted to see his children but was not allowed to. The new friend got fed up with her relatively quickly, because she just left the children with neighbors. Since she then didn't know where to go, she's back to the ex, with whom she has the last two children. He took her back. According to him, she didn't do anything in the house, didn't take care of her upbringing, and was in bed most of the day.

The two had argued again every day until at some point she took pills and was then admitted to the psychiatric ward (which she also liked, as she said). He was violent against the woman several times.

In the meantime, both of them are about who gets custody. She lives in a mother-child home and he is allowed to see his children every 2 weeks.

But now to the real problem ... Before that, I didn't know what his living conditions were like. But what I saw recently shocked me. I have to say that he is a farmer. The house is totally filthy, in the children's room all the toys were in the dirt, next to screws and other tools. There was stale food under the cupboards and a good 30 used diapers in the corner. The children did not have clean sheets. The bathroom is catastrophic, so it cannot be used. On the upper floor there is a huge hole in the floor. There is dirt, broken glass and rubbish lying around everywhere.

Now I wonder why she is allowed to keep the children, but also why he can still have the children with him? She already lives in the mother-child home, but why does nobody look around at him ???

I'm so damn sorry for the kids.