How much is Rob Dyrdek bodyguard worth

Of course he's still a skateboarder, but Rob Dyrdek started looking beyond the confines of skate parks for challenges a long time ago.

Growing up in Kettering, Ohio, his youth doesn't sound like growing up in the ghetto, but rather a relatively normal upbringing in the suburbs. Dyrdek had other plans before he found his true calling: "I think I ultimately wanted to be a ninja," he says with a laugh. But it wasn't long before he discovered skating at the age of eleven, inspired by his sister's boyfriend. His ascent then happened very quickly, as he says: "I quickly discovered that I had a natural aptitude for skateboarding, was sponsored immediately and the rest is history."

He took the opportunity to move to the sunny state of California when Alien Workshop - his first and longest running board sponsor - handed him a thousand dollar paycheck. It felt like big money, back then for a 16-year-old it was a pretty big deal. "