Volvo s70 302mm is like many inches

Which brake system take over 302mm?


For years I have found the 16 "(302mm) brake on the VA and with ATE (the one with the grinding for 3 years) actually a good brake.

Now with a little increase in performance, this is still ok for normal traffic, but if something comes out several times on the track (because you can't see it or can't / don't want to assess anything) it is already brought to the limit.

What is the next bigger one that also makes sense and does not have an imbalance or vibrates after braking 3 times?

I know there is an original 17 "version, but I don't think it's much bigger?

Thanks in advance for your information!

V70 / 99er / Mod. 00



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The "original" 320 system is nonsense in my opinion, since it is just a simple 1-piston system.

For a correct system (4/6/8 pistons) with disks from 320 mm you have to dig deep into your pocket, as even the China systems cannot be obtained for less than 1500 euros.

Here are the usual suspects:

http: // ...

/ Brakes / Brake systems__Kit_180_s

http: // ...

You should always keep an eye on the maintenance costs of the Big Brakes, because two new friction rings alone cost a fortune.

I installed 302mm Tarox G88 discs with Ferodo DS Performance in connection with steel braided lines in my C70 Coupe. Exactly for the reason if I have to brake hard at 200 on the track and then I don't have unbalanced brakes again.

Works perfectly. Braking performance isn't really better, but everything feels more confident. Have done a lot of braking from 180 to 100 and everything goes as before. No hitting nothing, the windows don't turn blue. When the brake gets hot it squeaks every now and then.

I also installed the station wagon in the back, whether it makes sense is an open question. But there can also be imbalances in the rear discs, so I played it safe.

But I'm more of a cruiser, but just wanted to feel safe on the track. Everything has been installed for half a year and I'm happy with it. Not cheap either, but manageable.

Yes, as a series pane, I would also throw the heat-treated CTF panes into the room.

With the Big Brakes you also have to consider that 16-inch wheels can no longer be driven, but that is irrelevant with the C 70 because it is usually 17 inches anyway.

Some install the big brake from the XC90. Think 320 or 336 discs. Should probably fit plug and play. But I don't know what the TÜV says about it and I think 17 inches is the minimum. Although only a 1 piston brake but a fat disc ...

Hmm interesting ...

In general, the brake pressure ect. here the 16 "brake is absolutely sufficient, there is always only one temperature problem ...

You should possibly try the water cooling from the old racing sport * ggg *

The version of the XC90 would be an idea, but I think that the discs also Tep. get and in the end the same thing happens?

I think it has to go in the direction of 330, and between 4 and 6 pistons there isn't much left, unless you take the original 4 pistons from the R ...... but the 6 pistons are already available for the same money.

And if (I think that 6 pistons have been standard on every moped for many years), you should also use them for the cage.

The only question is what it looks like with the rear system?

25 years ago I had my 124 Benz from Carlsson technically modified, and they still asked, "The braking system too?"

I said (since I already had a 16 inside), no.

Then came the drive home, and the first phone call at home was to ask for other brakes.

Carlsson had something nice back then, because the front brakes of the V12 SL came in and the front calipers were used at the rear with their adapters (the rear discs clearly had to be new as with the V70 drum hand brake).

My question now, is there a Volvo tuner that uses the front calipers for the rear?

Because only convert the front hmm .....

So far, my gaze falls in the following direction:

http: // ...

http: // ...

In terms of rim technology, I would then switch to the normal / original 17 "R for summer, and for winter I have to check whether there are suitable steel rims in 17".

The annoying domino effect when you start to tune .......

And another problem, you can see it a little bit, which I don't like at all.

Kidding or?

Have you already paid?

In any case, good to know ;-)

I can only say this from our general distributor, Zimmermann Klump brake disks and from KW (because I saw chassis on the website) - for me personally, never again.

Well, if money doesn't matter now, I would put the brakes on AP Racing. Now I don't have a link at hand and I don't even know if it still exists. A friend was lucky and hit the brakes at allegro in Poland for a roll and an egg.

The brake caliper is quite slim and still fits under most standard rims. In addition, it bites murderously. In addition, steel braided lines are poisonous.

Discs are quite expensive. But everything is quite stable when properly retracted ...

Since my S70R is only a second vehicle and I don't want to put a lot of money into it, I drive the 302 with Zimmermann windows and steel braided steel. Last Sunday I completely flushed and vented the brake lines and I think you can't get more out of that with little money ...

Carpenter? So I shot through 2 sets (were always exchanged) without ever reaching 200, I rarely saw such garbage.

I almost think that the imbalance will be delivered .....

Brembo is also no longer the yellow of the egg.

ATE was the most stable and best, in all of my vehicles, only the rust-free ATE comes in and runs smoothly everywhere.

Put the money in a smart tire if you want to brake better. That is the limiting factor.

With the standard 280mm discs, I also made full braking from high speeds without anything geezing or starting.

Well, if I had known, I would not have bought the retreaded Russian tires :-(

Thanks for the tip !

The XC 90 system does not fit Plug & Play, that is a completely different basis.

This is more suitable for the V 70 II, but not for the C 70 I.


@ Matrox74 wrote on October 24, 2017 at 7:24:00 p.m.:

I ordered big brakes from them ... That was MID JULY - I'm still waiting for delivery ...

NEVER AGAIN !!!!!: mad :: mad :: mad:

K-Tec, D2-Racing, XYZ are all basically the same things.

I am not a fan of these systems, especially since you can usually only get an entry with detours.

And while I'm reading JP performance: rolleyes:

Every now and then there are used Brembo or AP systems on the network.

Personally, I would rather get a used Brembo instead of a new K-Tec, D2-Racing or XYZ.

These things are beautifully colorful and are offered as a panacea for advertising, but they are not built to last and there are massive problems with spare parts support.

Our vehicle series is old and even in earlier times the tuning manufacturers hardly bothered to design expensive and complex braking systems for them.

Why develop a brake for a niche brand that you may only sell 100 times around the world, while you can sell 10,000 pieces for mass models.