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Just like Google Maps, Google Earth revolutionized the web. And even today the software is more than impressive!


good coverage with satellite images
lots of additional content
good service


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Free version of Google Earth that lets you explore the world from the air and from the ground.

"Google Earth" compiles satellite, aerial and ground images in high resolution and delivers great 3D maps of almost all areas of the earth. In many large cities, you can wander through the streets and explore the surroundings almost like in real life.

Leaderboard: navigation systems

The free program can also be used as a route planner. Simply enter the start and destination point and the program will calculate a detailed route for the trip. Thanks to a lot of survey data and overlay information about cities and lines of business, "Google Earth" is also an excellent industry search service.

In addition, Internet users can use "Google Earth" to obtain comprehensive information about the world's oceans and their flora and fauna. In the so-called "Google Ocean" mode, the underwater world is presented in a 3D view that is enriched with films, images and texts.

If you want, you can also explore the moon, Mars and the starry sky. 3D models, photos and historical TV recordings invite you to linger. In addition, GPS data can be imported into the software. In addition, the developers promise tour guides for 11,000 locations around the world and a growing number of cities, all of which are available as 3D models.

Pro versions with more features

The manufacturer offers an extended Pro version of Google Earth as a free full version, which offers a better resolution and a lot more additional material. To get the plus version, you have to click on »Help | Upgrade «update.

What does Google Earth Pro cost?

The software was licensed for $ 399 a year. Google Earth Pro has been available to every user free of charge since the beginning of 2015. Even a free registration is no longer necessary.

How can I use Google Street View?

To do this, search for the desired location in Google Earth. Then drag the small figure at the bottom right of the screen to a location on the map. Blue bars on the map show you where Street View is available.

How can I enter coordinates in Google Earth?

Enter your coordinates in the search field above, these can be in the formats »degrees, minutes and seconds« as well as »degrees and decimal minutes« and »decimal degrees«. For example, you can get the Eiffel Tower with the following coordinates: 48 ° 51 '30.132 "N 2 ° 17' 40.132" E

What are the bizarre Google Street View images?

The Street View function for Google Earth was introduced in 2007. This allows you to discover cities from the perspective of a pedestrian. In addition to a toilet in the garden, a corpse in the middle of the street and a dog in a shopping cart, there are also many other funny snapshots. We have summarized the top 50 breakdowns in Google Street View including coordinates.

last changes

In the new Version 7.1.x it is possible to use special hardware or supported devices to navigate using "Leap Motion" in "Google Earth" using hand gestures.

Phone support for Google Earth and more

Using the free landline number 069 2991 7711 get help from experienced experts on everything to do with your PC and software. The call is free. More information.

CHIP conclusion

CHIP conclusion to Google Earth

Top! It's just fun to fly all over the world and always discover new places.

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"Google Earth" is downloaded directly from the manufacturer's website using the download button.

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