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Cleaning blinds - it's very easy with this lifehack

From myHOMEBOOK | February 03, 2020, 8:08 am

There are a few things in the household that are either always forgotten when cleaning or simply ignored because they involve a little more effort. One of these things is definitely the venetian blind - as practical as it is, cleaning it is a hassle. Unless you have grill tongs at home.

Just like any other surface in the house, blinds will build up dust over time. To remove it, either each individual link of the privacy screen must be wiped off individually or a simple and effective lifehack can be used.

Lifehack for cleaning blinds

You need grill tongs or a similar tool, two microfiber or other dusting cloths and a couple of rubbers. Simply wrap the cloths around the jaws of the pliers and secure with the elastic. Then you can grasp the slats of the blind individually with the pliers, press the jaws shut and then carefully guide the pliers over the slat. The wiping motion causes the dust to collect in the cloths without damaging the blinds or twisting them.

Tip: If you don't have pliers at hand, you can also use the vacuum cleaner. To do this, mount a suitable attachment on the suction pipe and vacuum the lamellas at the lowest suction level. If both methods do not suit you, you can also buy a special blind cleaner in stores. This is a small device with which - similar to the pliers trick - you grasp the slats and move them down.

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What if the blinds are very dirty?

The lifehack only works with dust, but not with heavy soiling. In this case, a more thorough cleaning in a water bath is recommended. But be careful: Only aluminum blinds can be cleaned in this way. In order to be sure whether another material would be suitable for a water bath, you should ask a specialist dealer. How the bathroom works:

  • Put water and a mild detergent in the bathtub.
  • Close the blinds, remove them and place them in the water bath.
  • Carefully pull the slats apart and let them soak.
  • Close the blinds again and take them out of the water bath. Then rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Finally, it is best to hang it vertically above the bathtub so that the water can run off and the blind can dry completely.

Note: Neither fan of life hacks nor of cleaning work? The last option is to have your blinds professionally cleaned - the less stressful but also more expensive method.

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