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Relationship test: Test how good your relationship is here (online test)

"Do I have a good relationship?" Everyone asks themselves this question at some point in a partnership or marriage. In my free relationship test you will find out how your love and partnership are doing: Do you have a good partnership and future for them? Or are there many things that stand in the way of a fulfilling and happy relationship? Find out here in the big relationship test and receive exclusive and individual relationship tips in your test result.

If you are about to break up, do the break-up-or-stay test here as well.

The big relationship test & love test

What you should look out for in the relationship test in order to get a helpful result on your question like »Am I in a happy relationship?" to obtain:

  • Take enough time to take the test and answer the questions honestly.
  • If you fill it out with a partner and you have different opinions on a question, choose the middle with »Partially«.
  • There are 25 questions in the relationship test, so the test only takes a few minutes.

»Does our relationship still make sense? Do we have a good relationship? "
Take the big relationship test now:

You cannot see the test result if your browser is in private or incognito mode. This relationship test was created by me based on my experience in my practice and may be used for private purposes. I will send you your personal result + tips by email (without login).

The relationship test: How good is my relationship?

You can do the relationship test - also called the love test - alone or with your partner. It's always exciting when you go through it as a couple. In doing so, you will find out where you have different perceptions or opinions.

And with that alone you can work, exchange ideas, get to know each other better and thus take your partnership to a new level. It is worth taking the relationship test and answering the questions.

Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I need it most.

Thousands of people come to my site and this test who want to do a relationship test and have questions like these in their heads:

  • Does the relationship still make sense?test
  • When is a relationship broken? -test
  • Does our relationship still have a chance?test
  • Am i happy in my relationship?test

You see, there are very many other women, men and couples who ask themselves similar questions. To give you a first impression, I created this free online relationship test. All questions in the relationship test come from my experience in my work as a psychologist with couples. I also have many aspects of happy relationships from my two relationship guides Relationship happy and Relationship life used.

Relationship test, love test & marriage crisis test

After you have answered the 25 questions of the relationship test, you will get an individual result: Are you one of the happy couples who take good care of their relationship, do you still have potential or do you urgently need to work on your relationship or marriage and the issues to save the relationship.

I'll show you - or you as a couple - whether your relationship can still be saved and which concrete steps you should take to save it. Relationships can always be improved if both want to. So that it doesn't come to a breakup at some point and the leaving or both look back and think "I miss you" and regret not having done everything for the relationship.

A fulfilling relationship means work. A partnership is not a Hollywood movie.

Test if you are in a happy relationship

We can never start working on our relationship soon enough in my eyes. So that one day we won't be faced with the question "Does the relationship still make sense?«, But take care of a happy relationship right from the start. I always see it like a car. We also take care of this on a regular basis, because we know that otherwise it will break: we fill it up, change the oil, put on new tires and take it to the inspection. And that's exactly what we should be doing with our marriage and relationship.

How can you and you as a couple achieve this? In your personal test result from this relationship test, I'll show you tips. You can also find many tips in the best relationship guides.

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