What does Ken Yehi Ratzon mean

Ken Yehi Ratzon - Let it be so!

Tomorrow our campers arrive, and this group of staff are ready and ALL IN!

This week, our counselors and coaches participated in activities and professional development on topics ranging from child development to nutrition to filling an athletes emotional tank to cultivating a culture of learning. Each of our sport majors hosted clinics for the rest of staff so we could learn and grow together on the field, court or in the pool.

We learned new Hebrew words (Yalla Haganah - Go Defense!) and celebrated a joyful, energy filled Shabbat together complete with a raucous shira (song session) and rikudei am (Israeli dancing).

Of course, we honored moments of excellence and growth in a powerful all-staff bracelet ceremony, recognizing staff who have embodied our core values ​​of leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, growth, pride and intention.

For one of our final activities, our staff set their own kavannot (intentions) for the summer. Check out what they had to say:

I will give a piece of my heart to every kid in every way I possibly can.

I will encourage campers to be a curious, thinking people, who love sports and seek out new experiences and friends.

I will do my best, have empathy, be responsible and hold myself accountable.

I will be a positive role model and help campers learn to take care of themselves and pursue what’s important to them.

I will take care of myself so I can care for my campers.

I will encourage kids to connect their sports experience to Judaism and Israel.

I will always be there for my campers when they need someone to talk to.

I will support our counselors with empathy, ideas and caring.

I will implement a quality sports program which embodies our Jewish values ​​and develops the whole athlete.

I will support all campers and counselors to the best of my ability, with all I have.

I will help every camper be safe and comfortable at camp.

I will be the best coach and role model I can be!

I will help every camper make meaningful connections, memories and improvements.

I will do everything I can to ensure our campers return home happy, having improved and wanting to come back next year!

I will build meaningful relationships with campers.

I will be a support system and motivator for my campers.

I will give my best every day to ensure my campers have the best summer ever.

Ken Yehi Ratzon - Let it be so! Here’s to an amazing 4th summer at The 6!