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FF XII - is it worth buying?

  • Sephiroth5 March 12th 2007, 7:30 pm

    So I've owned this game since it came out and I have to say it's not as good as its predecessors, but it's good!

    So buy it!

    Ps: Now all I need is the limited game advisor!

  • NEo25068612.03.2007, 20:38

    I also hand over my mustard!

    So I think the game Mega monkey bears cool! I don't see it as an FF but as a normal role-playing game.
    I never really made friends with FF10, ka why.
    My favorite part is still 7 & 8.

    I looked at FF12 with a very skeptical look. Especially the combat system. But now I've got used to it and lo and behold, when you assign the right gambits, it's hell of fun!

    I want a part that is a mixture.

    The combat system from the old parts.
    The graphics of PS3
    Breeding chocobo as in FF7
    horny stroy like FF7 and FF8
    and what is very important! walk around the world map !!! I miss that so much ... Why did they take it out?! or fly with airships!

    So I would buy the game again for 60 € because it is really worth the money!

    I got it right on the release day and am now at about 20 hours and just Vaan lvl 19 ^^

    I wish you all a lot of fun with the game !!

    MfG NEo

  • RPG-Maniac 03/14/2007, 08:52

    The game isn't bad, but there are much better FF parts out there. Since I've gambled through all parts except for 5 and 11, I also have options for comparison.

    1. Combat system: I was very pleased when there was talk of an innovation and I wished for something in the style of the Tales of ..... series. Total control in the fight with regard to the direction of stroke, blocking, etc. Unfortunately, that was not realized. The new combat system is rather boring. My characters are all quite high and you can just press "Fight" and have a cup of tea in the meantime. Everything happens automatically.

    2. Characters: To be honest, just plain bland and I thought FF x-2 was bad Ashe looks like Yuna, Vaan is not really to be taken seriously and of the rest, in my opinion, only Fran and Balthier are of use. There are hardly any interpersonal relationships. I don't expect anything big, but only people standing next to each other who hardly act with each other are simply not enough. And since when do the Mogreys have such long ears?

    3. Sound: There isn't really anything to complain about, but if you're used to Uematsu, you have slightly higher expectations

    4th story: The well thought-out stories, unpredictable twists and turns. were (almost) always part of the FF series. The In FF 12 a bit too lax and predictable. Compared to FF 7 ........

    5. License board: Good, you can argue about that. I already hated the sphero board on FF 10

    6. Bestia: Bestia, incantations or whatever. I miss Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut and the rest. There are brand new Bestia, but they don't have the charm of the "old" Bestia. The names still exist (airships etc), but I can't make friends with the "new ones".

    In short, this is definitely not my favorite game. I expected a little more. But I would still buy it again, if only just to have all the parts.

  • Mortanius March 14, 2007, 11:00 am

    Well, I'm pretty much alone with my opinion ... but I'll get the game a second time to preserve this masterpiece for posterity in any case, even if the first DVD breaks somehow (part 7-9 have all double )

    The only thing I found really badly regulated is the esper. They don't bring you anything, even though you get them through sometimes fierce fights. Okay, the system where an Esper was just a strong spell, I also found garbage (should be something special ...). I wish for an esper system that is a mixture of VIII and X. In combat like X and between fights like VIII, where the Esper were coupled to a Char and then his attributes / resistances improved.
    Also bothers me that the Esper are permanently bound to a character. There is therefore no "perfect" score at XII, as everyone would distribute the Esper differently.

    Oh one more thing about the last post: You really have to get used to the names of the Esper, but I * think * knew some of them (e.g. Adrammelech) from FFTA (correct me if I'm wrong)

    And that moogies have longer ears .... did you notice that the moogies in Ivalice can also talk compared to moogrys from other worlds and still have excellent engineering skills? I see the Ivalice moogle more as a subspecies of the otherwise cute (but stupid) moogle ... are just the only ones that really make sense

  • RPG-Maniac March 14th, 2007, 1:40 pm

    In FF IX the moogle built a whole postal system, they can't be that stupid * kupo *

    I can hardly remember FFTA, it was too long ago. But it could be that there actually were such critters. But I'm just a Shiva follower. There are things that really don't need to be changed.

    What else comes to mind: despite the licensing system, I don't think the characters are exactly individual. In FF X you had Yuna and Lulu as pure magicians (well, towards the end I let them be beaten), but in FF XII the Charas can be used for everything if you have activated all the licenses.
    What still took some getting used to was the controls. So far I've always turned the camera with R2 or something, now it only works with the right stick and until I first understood how to use analysis ... I was constantly beating the controller because I was of the opinion, that you have to apply the technique to the enemy as usual, not to me.

  • MasterOfTheUniverse 03/14/2007, 2:46 pm

    every FF part has been different until now. i find the new one very refreshing, even if some of the things are missing .. but there are still the basics






    Chocobos will mainly play the role of mounts. In Rabanastre on the market square, for example, it is possible to rent chocobos.

    Moogles (Mogries)


    Moogles emerge as a separate race and tribe. Moogles also rent out chocobos, for example.



    Our airship freak Cid is also there again. He is a professor of Nethicite and lives in Archadia. Many of the airships in Ivalice were also designed by him.

    Wedge and Biggs


    Wedge and Biggs, known to many from Final Fantasy VII, for example, are not there this time.



    A traditional FF component from the earlier parts that finds its way back into the game. This time the crystals are responsible for the magic. Furthermore, these gemstones function as storage and healing points.



    Airships play a central role as a means of transport and a venue. Thanks to Balthier, the party will also have an airship, the Strahl. Many airships also have names that are familiar to many fans of the series.



    Of course, summons will also be there again. However, fans have to forego many traditional summons: Shiva and Ifrit, for example, cannot be summoned!



    This memorable piece of music is available again.

    Battle and Boss Theme


    Certainly there again, but still unclear whether there are several different variants or just one uniform.

    Victory Fanfare


    Was canceled with the introduction of the new ADB combat system. Because the fights begin and end fluently. However, there is a congratulations screen when defeating final bosses, in which the fanfare is played again. But that's just the rarity. There is no longer the typical fanfare after every fight.

    Ultimate opponent


    Yes, there are optional and also ultimate opponents. By the way, many summons are also optional.

  • Marluxia 03/14/2007, 3:27 pm

    ok, it was often said here that it's not as great as ff10 and hectic, i'm exactly different, i hate coincidence and pure strategy, i haven't liked the others now, the real-time system is awesome, it's exciting, strategic and short-term ( so no waiting times) and you can do more than just keep pressing a button (running away so that the others hit again to avoid damage, or you wire yourself from the others so as not to hit all of the opponent's broad attack to let)
    the story is somehow a bit political, but it's still a really good story ..

    So, for all "I only play round matches because I share all ff through" players, I would not recommend ff12
    But for all who are open or already found the kh fighting system or other action adventures great, I say ::: IT'S THE BEST FF PART EVER

  • Italiaboy514.03.2007, 19:34

    it is something completely different in contrast to the old ff parts
    there is a completely different fighting system
    you have to get used to it first
    but otherwise the story as I said is more political
    but kh is so similar that has something else in contrast to ff

  • So I have to say the game is really awesome! (see Sig)
    I also like the combat system very much because it looks so very realistic!
    The graphics are also optimally very detailed !!!
    So definitely worth it!
    If you don't have it yet, go buy it quickly ^^ !!!

    Kind regards

  • Mortanius 03/14/2007, 10:42 pm

    hehe, I don't find the combat system realistic - I don't mean magic, but that a character has to recover for a while after each hit ......

    however, the combat system reminds me of secret of mana - and i loved that ...

  • Lost James March 16, 2007, 7:02 am

    is it worth buying?

    Hm. well, everyone who likes role playing will have bought it or still buy it.

    However, it annoys me to have paid 50 euros.

    I'm a fan of the other parts (except for X-2). this combat system drives me crazy ...

    now it's in a corner and the dust has a home.

    Kind regards

  • If you hated the ATB system, not much is going to change here. But in my opinion, it's a little bit different than the other parts. Fighting takes place over a certain bar, but you have a different feel to the game than in FF7, for example. (You can pause if you open the combat menu with the X button.)
    And so I find this combat system (ATDB system = Active Time Dimension Battle System) definitely better than the ATB system. It is largely due to the freedom of movement. Regarding FF7: You could set it to "wait", but that didn't really help, in FF12 you can really pause and calmly "tell" your characters your commands.

    The story: Many say the story falls short. That may well be the case, but this may be due to the size and freedom of movement.

    The music: In this respect you can tell that Uematsu (or whatever it's called) is missing. The music is certainly great, but I still miss his style. For this role play, however, it is downright perfect.

    The combat system: See above.

    Characters: Vaan and Ashe might look a bit like Tidus and Yuna, but what does that matter? The main thing is that the game is fun, right?
    Otherwise the characters cannot be more different. (E.g. Balthier and Fran)

    The graphics: One word - excellent!

    Other: The game impresses with its size, its many possibilities and its individuality. I've never seen an FF with so many options. And so far I think it's never been boring. (about 21 hours)

    Greetings Zoper

  • QuinlanVos March 17, 2007, 12:45 pm

    Hi guys
    after a little over a hundred hours of play, I'll add my mustard ^^. the final fantasy series is my absolute top favorite among the games - and I've been playing everything since the c64. As for part 12, as with all parts, there are both advantages and disadvantages. my biggest disappointment is the esper. they were always my greatest passion with my predecessors. here in the new part i find them neither chic nor useful. In addition, there was no ff part in which I used so little black magic as in the present one, which is probably due to the very fast combat system. as for the story ... solid, but not a hit.
    I think it's particularly a shame that you can't see the newly bought clothes on the char. whoever played the eleventh part will know how cool it is to "pimp" your character. (ff11 is my absolute top favorite of the series)
    after all the criticism: nevertheless, the 12 part is fun. for 60 euros you get a graphic and musical fireworks display for the ps2, the level system and complexity of which ensures fun in the three-digit hour range. I do not regret the purchase despite the flaws in any way. whoever likes final fantasy will also have fun here, I'm sure. buy, buy, buy

  • South Baltic March 17, 2007, 2:18 pm
    Quote by QuinlanVos
    for 60 euros you get a graphic and musical fireworks display for the ps2, the level system and complexity of which ensures fun in the three-digit hour range. I do not regret the purchase in spite of the flaws in any way. whoever likes final fantasy will also have fun here, I'm sure. buy, buy, buy
    Paid a little too much. If you had looked around better and checked the prices, you would have come away cheaper. I paid € 49. But otherwise I can only agree with you, the game is very good.
  • so this game is an absolute must for FF fans
    I also don't like a few things about this game like the no longer turn-based battles or the license board
    I am a lover of turn-based combat and also that you can specialize each character in their own weapons / magic genre
    Despite everything, the game is worth buying because the graphics, story and depth of the game are simply great

    Kind regards

  • Steelwing 03/18/2007, 2:34 pm

    After a little more than 100 hours of play, I also formed an opinion that FF12 really took getting used to, at first I had to struggle with the controls!
    Meanwhile there are some annoying places, for me it is like that when a Char Sanctus plays the other 2 do nothing while the opponents keep knocking on me, often I wait an eternity until Vaan finally steals something or carries out the order.
    Not only do I miss the old esper like Shiva, Bahamut, Ifrit etc. I also miss the usefulness of the esper. I believe I summoned Belias a maximum of 3 times in the whole game and not the rest at all (I am before the Bahamut air festival). The only attraction seems to be defeating the esper.
    Magic (black magic) seem uninteresting, at least for the story, and have also lost their usefulness.
    The combat system itself reminds me a lot of WoW, which doesn't make it bad but still takes some getting used to.
    I leave the story outside because it is not really captivating rather boring because I was "We have to save the world!" much better.
    The music after the fight was a bit annoying in the other parts in the long run, but here I miss it a lot, a little too seldom for my taste.
    In spite of all that, the game is quite well done and a MUST HAVE for a fan of the FF series. I was disappointed with X-2, for example, that made up for FF12. I do not regret the purchase because the addiction factor is like in the other parts (have all played or played through except for one of the first 5) also present, although not quite as extreme. What speaks again for FF are all the "puzzles" in order to get to certain things, once again very successful I have to say and almost impossible to master without LB.
    Conclusion: Far from the best part of the series, but not the worst part either.

  • Lejh-a-Yari 02/26/2009, 3:51 pm