How does a racing driver urinate

How many kilometers does a hiker make a day & quest;

If you take a look at and study my hikes there, you will also find the speed profile for most hikes at the bottom. So you can d

How much does a birch grow per year & quest;

Hello, I'm in a somewhat crappy situation: A thuja, which unfortunately prevents exactly the line of sight between my (beloved neighbors) and my terrace, has unfortunately died and has to go. As a substitute, I have thought of being able to

How much electricity does a coal-fired power plant produce per year? how many households can be operated & quest;

A quick question .. How much electricity does a coal-fired power plant produce per year and how many households can you operate with it? Http:// There are many power plants listed and their electrical output.

How much electricity does a coal-fired power plant produce per year? how many households can operate it & quest;

Hello, my question would be how much electricity a coal-fired power plant produces in a year (in water) and how many households it can operate per year. And someone knows how much% it makes up, in contrast to nuclear power plants

How much food should a cat get per day & quest;

Hello, we have had a tomcat for about 3 weeks who is about 3-4 years old. We give him half a can of Sheba (50 g) every morning and a bowl full of dry food (Kitekat) throughout the day, of which he doesn't use that much

How much electricity does a nuclear power plant produce per year & quest;

I would need a comparison, for example, as much as 3000 households consume, or as much as 5 wind power plants can produce or something similar .. The 10 most powerful nuclear power plants in Germany have an average individual net

Age of Empires 2 & colon; How much gold does a relic say per hour & quest;

And two pieces produce twice as much, or does the quantity increase the more relics you have? See photo. Unfortunately, two relics "only" bring twice as much gold as one. Is not going to be disproportionate anymore. Nice to have someone else for

How much turnover does a kiosk make per day or week or month & comma; when he is in the city center & comma; where there is a lot going on & quest;

what makes a kiosk in terms of turnover is it worth opening a kiosk business? Then nice and pretty saleswomen tend to boost the turnover of walk-in customers

How much electricity does a dryer use per year?

I mean one with a slightly better energy efficiency, so at least B. For 2 adults + baby, just type it in on amazon and lo and behold: dryer efficiency B consumes 3.36 kWh. If a drying runs for about 1 hour, you have 3.36 kWh

How much does an ivy grow per year & quest;

We are already at the kitchen window and are thinking about stepping in. If the location is good, and if he feels comfortable up to 2 m a year, but if he has reached his age, then things are going more slowly.

Up to how much horsepower can a car be tickled & quest;

I recently saw Fast Furious 8 in the cinema and the question came up how much horsepower Doms car can have, so I ask. How much horsepower can a 1969 Dodge Charger get? On the engine side, the dragsters have a displacement of 500 cui - that's the s

How many calories does a pistachio have & quest;

How many calories is there in a single pistachio? (roasted, salted) Why on earth do you have to know that? If you really want to know, google the calorie content of pistachios (roasted, salted), which is usually per 100

How many kilos can such a person lose & quest;

What is the maximum number of pounds an anorexic can lose in 1 week? Ask out of interest and not because I want to do it. To lose one kilogram of pure fat, you have to save 7000 kcal. How much you can now a

How much does it cost to lease a horse & quest;

How much does it cost to lease a horse? In the month? I am probably allowed to lease a horse for three to four months, for the trial period, and I wanted to know how much it costs on average. Please help me, thank you in advance

How much energy does a nuclear power plant generate on average & quest; Kwh? toe

do you know how much energy a nuclear power plant generates on average? In units of Kwh or RÖE, thanks One kilo of uranium generates more energy than a few thousand tons of coal. How much kWh a nuclear power plant generates depends on its output and de

How many clients does a lawyer in a large law firm have on average after & quest;

How many clients does a lawyer in a large law firm look after on average? a total per week / month comparison with a "normal" law firm wouldn't be bad either. I know it's a stupid question that can only be answered very imprecisely a

How many cops in a small town

I am currently wondering how many police officers are employed in a police station in a small town with around 10,000-15,000 inhabitants. Unfortunately I can't find any information about this. If I had to guess I would

How many word pages are a normal book page & quest;

Let's assume I am writing a word page, size 12. How many book pages of a normal book are that? Standard keystrokes per page: 1800. The number of words then depends on their length.

How many pages has a 1400 word story & quest;

How many pages does a 1400 word story have when it is written on a laptop? My stories at Arial (11) have about 450 words per page. So that should add up to 3-4 pages for you. For a book, you can use 30 lines per page