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Constitutional complaint against the Infection Protection Act - and you can participate

The consequences of the corona measures have a massive impact on our existence, health and freedom. They even have threatening effects on life and limb. We have made up our minds: We are not complaining. We accuse! We are many. We are you too!
We raise our voice together with you and demand our basic rights before the Federal Constitutional Court, which have been nullified by the Infection Protection Act.
dieBasis works for you and with you to repeal this unspeakable law. To this end, we are filing a constitutional complaint that will be submitted at short notice. Here you will find all the background information and how you can participate and support yourself.

Germany needs you

Choose the base on June 6, 2021 in the 8th state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt.
Donate now - every amount counts.

DieBasis is currently becoming a new political force and unites people who live in peace and freedom and want to make better decisions together.

On July 4, 2020, we founded the Basic Democratic Party of Germany, or DieBase for short, with 45 members. In the meantime, regional associations have been founded in all 16 federal states. In May 2021, we were able to achieve a number of over 16,000 members report. A further 910 applications are currently being processed, and the trend is rising. Admission to our party is possible after a personal interview and additional verification of the person. Simultaneous membership in another democratic party is permitted, but currently only accounts for 4.1%. These double memberships exist with all parties represented in the Bundestag. With a share of 49,2 % we have the highest known Quota for women in the federal German party landscape.


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#the base

the base makes transparent policy and developed direct democracy for everyone. We burn for a fairer, freer world in which people can be human again, in which everyone can live their true nature in a self-empowered and empathic way.

We trust in people's knowledge and experience. Joint decisions are better decisions. This is why we want that Grassroots democracy as the political model of tomorrow. Basic democracy is power limitation.

We limit the power of individuals and organizations. We rely on the separation of powers between parliament, government, judiciary and the media. Only in this way can freedom be created and preserved and a world in dignity possible.

Voices from the base

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Our work is supported by the 4 pillars.

What attitude do we need towards ourselves and towards our fellow human beings in order not only to get through this crisis, but also to lead a happy and fulfilled life? That is because they are mutually dependent. We believe in people as self-determined individuals who are born free and who are free to lead their lives. We are guided by Article 1 of the Basic Law: The dignity of man is inviolable.

Anyone who claims that there is freedom in our country is lying ... because freedom does not exist.

We see the many causes of existential hardship, the division that runs through families and friends and we see one thing: the measures that were taken in 2020 are accompanied by the loss of our free and democratic basic order through the emergency law.

We have come together in the DieBase party to create a different way of working together. A society that treats each other lovingly and carefully, that upholds and lives the values ​​of the Basic Law. Supported by our pillars of freedom, power limitation, mindfulness and swarm intelligence, the following demands arise for us:

the right to Freedom of the person and self-determined action by removing all coercive measures that were used without a medically proven need.

the right to physical integrity by ending all activities that have a negative impact on mental or physical health.

the right to Freedom of expression and free knowledge formation by creating a public, scientific debate space to clarify the situation.

the right to Use of legal process in the event of a violation of fundamental rights, through legal processing of the events in terms of civil and criminal law.

This corresponds to the basic rights that were valid and lived in Germany until a few months ago according to our Basic Law. These rights should apply again to everyone and enable us to have a common, secure future.

An interdisciplinary commission of experts must work out constructive solutions to the crisis that take all needs into account and factually take all facts into account. The measures should be withdrawn immediately unless clear evidence of their usefulness is presented.

We live in a time when we are kept in a state of constant fear and worry by politics and the media. This happens due to a lack of education and misleading communication with alarming numbers that are presented without ratios as evidence of high risk.

All needs should be heard equally
Many of us live in a state of anxiety. Some fear contagion or loss of work, others fear financial ruin, ostracism by society or the loss of basic rights. Everyone experiences a different facet of fear, but the following applies to everyone: we are trapped in this fear and hardly able to meet our counterparts openly and without judgment. Instead of talking to each other and finding solutions, the fronts harden.

Our concern is for the people who are harmed as a result: people whose operations are postponed or even canceled, people who do not go to the doctor or go too late out of fear, people who suffer lonely from isolation or the measures make existing illnesses worse suffer.

We clearly respect our fellow citizens' fear of illness and death, but we do not accept that all other diseases are subordinated to just one and that a scientific as well as societal and social discourse is avoided with all might.

If facts are distorted or withheld, legal processing is essential.

We would like to invite you to walk this path with us. Let's take political responsibility together. Let us approach each other, see, understand and accept the opinions and fears of the other person: in order to then move on together in a solution-oriented manner.

We are a human family! We are the base!

We are already many, but not complete without you.

How do we make better politics? With you!

Join in! Become part of a community of values ​​and care for them with us Return of the political debate space.

We have that Trust in the human familythat they can responsibly shape a free society in the spirit of mindfulness with man and nature for a better world in peace. But we miss someone: you

the participation party

Responsibility and change for society and the environment

Has become ours in the last few decades natural mental immune system largely paralyzed against manipulation? How can the base counteract this? Join the discussion and shape the world of tomorrow with us.

You are the core of our participation party

Are you ready for active participation?

Very good! dieBasis is looking for support in all areas. Get it contact with us and show what you are made of. Only together with you can we change the world. We are looking for people who have skills in the following areas: Texts, web development, media design, film, journalism, consulting, call center agencies, project management and much more!

Originating in the year of the Corona scandal, the base feels committed to the values ​​of democracy, tolerance, justice and the social responsibility of science - and has inspired more and more people since its foundation to actively participate in political discourse. We look forward to Your message and your thirst for action.