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Two-tone trapezoidal box

This two-colored trapezoidal box (or is it a triangular box ???) was made by dear Doris at the last virtual team meeting with us. That was in April and the next meeting will take place in a few days. Fortunately, the paper projects aren't going to be bad 😉

This pretty, little goodie box is also ideal as a small souvenir. The unusual shape - I still don't know whether it's more of a triangle or a diamond - is a real eye-catcher

You already know the designer paper from the package with the pansies and the flower too. I just really like the contoured and colored stamp set. And at the time of the meeting, I only had the materials from my pre-order available.

When choosing the color, I fluctuated between freesia purple and papaya - I really like both and this pretty checkered paper is available in both colors. Possibly I will make this box in other variants as well.

I left the decoration plain. I think you don't necessarily have to have a text on everything. I actually like this two-tone trapezoidal box - only with the flower - quite a lot.

You can close it with a ribbon (like I did), but it also looks cute with a small clip (and you can get to the content faster)

If you want to copy the box ... Doris has one for it VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS made and you will also find a PDF there with a sketch and the dimensions. Click here for her video "Video triangle box Doris"

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I used this for my two-tone trapezoidal box:

Colors: freesia purple, black, daffodil
Product package (stamp set and cutting dies): Contoured and colored
Designer paper: pansy
Cord in white

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I wish you a nice and cozy holiday!

See you soon and best regards,
* astrid *