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White, red, pink, purple or glittering: ten colorful beaches around the world

Everyone knows brilliant white sandy beaches. But there are also beaches that are pitch black, red, purple and pink - or mysteriously glitter in the moonlight. The online travel portal weg.de has put together ten beaches around the globe where holidaymakers do not find the classic color of the sand.

Ramla Bay / Malta

Together with the green landscape all around, the reddish-golden sandy beach in Ramla Bay in the north of the island of Gozo offers a particularly beautiful play of colors. But the bay is also a historical place, because here are not only the ruins of a fortress of the Knights of Malta from the 18th century, but also the "Cave of Calypso", which Homer mentioned in the Odyssey. According to legend, the beautiful nymph Calypso is said to have kept poor Odysseus here for seven years as a "prisoner of love".

Photo: www.visitgozo.com / Nick Bugeja


On the Maldives islands of Mudhoo, Vaadhoo and Rangali, a visit to the sea is recommended after sunset. Because as soon as darkness falls, you can marvel at true glittering beaches in fantastic colors. Microorganisms in the plankton are responsible for this natural spectacle, which is unique in the world and which start to glow when the waves move.

Photo: Shutterstock

Puerto Naos / La Palma

Puerto Naos is located on the west coast of La Palma and, at a good 600 meters, is the longest beach on the small Canary Island. Thanks to its volcanic origin, it consists of black lava sand, which has a slight green shimmer because it also contains olive dust. The palm trees on the edge of the beach provide welcome shade on hot summer days.

Photo: Ingrid Kranz / pixelio.de

Whitehaven Beach / Australia

The world famous Whitehaven Beach is part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park - a group of islands in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. The beach consists of 99 percent quartz, which makes the sand color particularly light. The green hills in the background and the sea in its different shades of blue complement the grandiose play of colors at one of the most beautiful places in “Down Under”.

Photo: Tourism Australia

Shell Beach / Australia

Holidaymakers search in vain for sand at Shell Beach on the west coast of Australia. Because the approximately 60 kilometers long stretch of coast at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shark Bay - approximately 800 kilometers north of Perth - consists entirely of millions of small mussels and is therefore one of only two beaches of this type in the world. However, visitors shouldn't forget their flip-flops here.

Photo: Tourism Western Australia

Pink Beach / Bahamas

Harbor Island is best known for Pink Sand Beach, which is located on the eastern side of the small, tranquil island and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas. The pink of the sand, which some also call "piggy pink", comes from microscopic coral insects - the foraminifera. With their light pink to red skin, they give the beach its unusual color.

Photo: Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Anse Lazio / Seychelles

It just doesn't get any whiter: Anse Lazio is located in the north of the Seychelles island of Praslin and has impressed every visitor with its combination of turquoise water, snow-white sand and red granite rocks. It is therefore not surprising that the beach was already used as a backdrop for a Bacardi advertisement.

Photo: Seychelles Tourism Board

Red Beach / Greece

The red rock wall towering directly behind the beach and the fine black and red gravel make Red Beach on Santorini one of the most extraordinary beaches in the world. It is located eleven kilometers south of Fira and can be easily reached on foot from the neighboring bay of Akrotiri.

Photo: Rozaki / www.visitgreece.gr

Pfeiffer Beach / California

At sunset, Pfeiffer Beach in California has a very special play of colors ready: due to the last rays of sunshine of the day and the crystals in the sand, the sand here shimmers in a pale purple. Since the beach on Highway 1 is not signposted, vacationers definitely have the chance to watch this natural spectacle without a large crowd.

Photo: Shutterstock

Punaluu Black Sand Beach / Hawaii

Hawaii is the island of volcanoes. Therefore, there are a lot of black sand beaches here. The Punaluu Black Sand Beach on the southeast coast of the Big Island, as the island is also called, is one of the most famous. Coconut palms line the upper area - and with a little luck you might spot one or the other sea turtle basking in the sun on the beach.

Photo: Hawaii Tourism Authority / Tor Johnson

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