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How much is my current iPhone still worth?

By Rita Deutschbein | October 18, 2020, 9:00 p.m.

The iPhone 12 was officially launched. But how much are the models from previous years still worth? Two well-known sales platforms took the sample.

The iPhone 12 is coming and the old models have to go. Many Apple users now want to sell their old iPhone in order to finance the new model. You use the advantage that Apple devices often offer compared to Android smartphones: price stability. At Apple, hardware and software come from a single source, so the manufacturer can keep their smartphones updated for a long time. For this reason, the value of the iPhones is quite stable, so it can be worthwhile for owners to sell their old iPhone.

In the run-up to the iPhone 12 show, both in cooperation with the myhandycheck app and Ebay classifieds analyzed how much money owners of an old iPhone are still getting for their device. mainly looked at the iPhone 11 in different memory sizes and states. Ebay classifieds does not differentiate the condition of the iPhone in such detail, but has examined more models with the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone XS (Max), the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 (+).

The best time to buy / sell an old iPhone

Both and Ebay classifieds agree: There is no single best time to sell a used iPhone. Nevertheless, there is a tendency: shortly before a new model is presented, interest in the brand usually increases - and with it the chance of selling an old iPhone at a good price. “The closer to a keynote and release date for a new iPhone, the more and more and more affordable offers appear for the previous model,” says Ebay classifieds confirms the statement: As a rule, shortly after the presentation of a new model, the value of used telephones from the pre-series falls, according to the platform. At the same time, Ebay Classifieds emphasizes that those who want to sell their old iPhone don't need to panic now. Because the announcement of an Apple keynote simultaneously increases the demand for the devices. As a result, previous generations such as the iPhone 11 will quickly become bestsellers on the used smartphone market.

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That's how much your iPhone is worth

We learn early on that supply and demand determine the price. The demand for iPhones is actually consistently high and many buy used devices because they are a little cheaper. The sellers, on the other hand, can be sure that they can sell their old iPhone at a good price - provided it is in good condition. - the prices for a used iPhone 11 has analyzed the current prices that iPhone 11 owners are currently getting when they are sold. The platform not only differentiates between memory sizes, but also the status of the device. The myhandycheck app is available to sellers to determine the latter. In the app, they answer a few questions about their device, upload photos, and then get the value they can ask for when they sell their old iPhone. For the valuation, myhandycheck relies on an extensive data analysis of various online marketplaces as well as buying and selling platforms for used cell phones. If the user agrees with the offer, he can then offer his iPhone for sale on

According to the data analysis, owners of an iPhone 11 with 256 GB of storage can get up to 760 euros for their device. Even if the condition is only acceptable, you can easily achieve 536 euros for your iPhone, according to the analysis. Even in the 64 GB memory variant, a visibly used iPhone 11 still costs up to 460 euros.

Used iPhone 11: Current prices according to and myhandycheck

iPhone modelRRPLike NewVery goodWellAcceptable
iPhone 11 (64 GB)799 euros613 euros589 euros547 euros460 euros
iPhone 11 (128 GB)849 euros673 euros640 euros608 euros506 euros
iPhone 11 (256 GB)969 euros760 euros724 euros682 euros536 euros

The price development over the past few weeks is quite interesting: On September 1, the optimal retail price for a used iPhone 11 was 600 euros. On September 15th - one day before the iOS 14 release - it fell to 569 euros, but rose again some time later - to 609 euros on October 5th.

"Here you can also see the uncertainty as to how well a used device can handle a new version of the operating system - after the new iOS 14 operating system turned out to be unproblematic, the value quickly rose again," explains Dr. Peter Duesing, managing director of myhandycheck.

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Ebay classifieds - the prices for a used iPhone 8, XS, X and 11

According to a survey of Ebay by Statista in 2019, more than 80 percent of consumers who want to sell their used smartphone or old iPhone use Ebay classified ads or Ebay as a portal. Here you can set the price yourself, post photos and communicate and haggle directly with interested parties. Selling on Ebay classified ads is commission-free, so the money earned on the purchase ends up in the seller's account in full.

The online platform has also checked the average asking prices for used iPhones. In addition to the current iPhone 11 and its Pro model, the iPhone XS (Max), iPhone X and even the iPhone 8 from 2017 were also included in the investigation. Ebay does not provide any information on the condition of the devices. However, since these are the average prices achieved, there may also have been spikes up or down in individual cases - depending on the condition of the iPhone being sold.

Used iPhones: Average asking prices on Ebay classifieds

iPhone modelAverage offer price
iPhone 8 (64 GB)280 euros
iPhone 8 (256 GB)350 Euro
iPhone 8+ (64 GB)350 Euro
iPhone 8+ (256 GB)400 euros
iPhone X (64 GB)370 euros
iPhone X (256 GB)470 euros
iPhone XS (64 GB)500 euro
iPhone XS (256 GB)650 euros
iPhone XS Max (64 GB)550 euros
iPhone XS Max (256 GB)650 euros
iPhone 11 (64 GB)600 euros
iPhone 11 (128 GB)780 euros
iPhone 11 (256 GB)950 euros
iPhone 11 Pro (64 GB)800 euros
iPhone 11 Pro (256 GB)1000 Euro
The quoted prices refer to current evaluations from Ebay classified ads. For this purpose, a key date analysis of all available offers was carried out on October 6th. The evaluation was carried out for each model according to the average offer price, the mean values ​​were rounded.

Buying and selling the iPhone 11 in stores

On classified ads portals like and Ebay classified ads, owners can sell their old iPhone without an intermediary coming into play. You receive your money directly and without any deductions. This is different with online shops with a buying and selling principle. The platforms also want to earn money here as intermediaries, which creates a price range between the amount the seller gets for his old smartphone and the money the buyer has to pay for it. In return, the dealers usually refurbish the old devices (so-called general overhauls), clean them professionally and often even give an, albeit limited, guarantee on the used cell phone.

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iPhone modelStatuspurchase sale
iPhone 11 (64 GB)very good445 euros652 euros
iPhone 11 (128 GB)very good484 euros710 euros
iPhone 11 (256 GB)very good539 euros784 euros

The examples show that even if their device is in very good condition, iPhone 11 owners earn between 144 euros and 185 euros less than if they were sold directly to the buyer on platforms such as and Ebay classified ads. The buyer, in turn, pays a little more when buying and selling, but also has more guarantees than with private business.

Tips for Selling an Old iPhone

If owners want to sell their old iPhone, they should adhere to a few rules, especially when using sales platforms such as and Ebay classifieds. In principle, you can post any number of offers here, the sale is commission-free. However, you should take your time when presenting your goods. Because the better the device and condition are described and the more beautiful and informative the photos, the more potential buyers they will appeal to.

Therefore, pay attention to the following rules if you want to sell your old iPhone:

  • Pay special attention to the ad description. It should contain everything essential to the device and its condition.
  • Use the attributes offered by the platforms for your description. This improves the visibility of your offer.
  • Describe the condition of your smartphone truthfully and do not hide any defects or signs of use. Highlight existing accessories positively.
  • Take meaningful photos of the device and its scope of delivery. You should make any defects clearly visible on them, but also put the smartphone in the light. Choose a neutral background for this.
  • Tip: The more good photos on offer, the better.

Once you have agreed a price with the buyer, be sure to erase all data from your iPhone before handing it over to them.

You will find step-by-step instructions on how to do this in our guide. Also, make sure that you hand over the iPhone clean and with the promised accessories. The buyer will thank you.

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