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Definition of permanent residence BAföG FB 1

talah  📅 20.08.2014 11:52:40
Definition of permanent residence BAföG FB 1
Hi Study-Online Community, after a long research on Google and the here "advertised" SuFu, I unfortunately did not come to the solution of my problem. Actually a very simple question, but I'd rather ask again.
How is permanent residence defined for the purposes of this application? At the start of my studies, I will probably move into a shared apartment at my future study location. Of course, this move also includes an extract from my parents' house.

Which address do I then give as "permanent" residence? From my parents or from my flat share? In this respect it will be my new center of life (or whatever it's called)

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards
Re: Definition of permanent residence BAföG FB 1
Section 5 (1) BAföG will help you:

Quote The permanent place of residence within the meaning of this law is established at the place that is not only temporarily the center of life relationships, without the will to permanent residence being important; Anyone who only stays in one place for the purpose of training has not established their permanent residence there.

So if you only move to the city to study there, but will never want to live there afterwards, then your main residence will continue to be with your parents.


talah  📅 20.08.2014 13:52:17
Re: Definition of permanent residence BAföG FB 1
Yes, I'm already aware of that, but I don't know anything about staying or moving away! I have to do my master’s degree there too. And probably also further training, that's why the years add up! And since my parents only live in a rented apartment, I don't intend to go back there either. I do not know the place where I will ultimately have my permanent residence, so I ask yes It is correct that I am moving to the city to pursue my educational path, but I do not know if I will stay there. However, it must also be noted that if I finish university, I will not move back to my parents. Do I still have to give their address as my permanent address?

Thanks again for your answer danielburek
huba  📅 20.08.2014 14:11:20
Re: Definition of permanent residence BAföG FB 1
Enter the parents' place of residence there. You don't even have to be registered there.

The question is meaningless for Inlandsbafög.

But it saves you the annoying questioning and a declaration about your future life (to check where you see your permanent place of residence) with the Auslandsbafög and a complete training in another EU country.
talah  📅 20.08.2014 15:47:32
Re: Definition of permanent residence BAföG FB 1
Thank you Huba! I've been waiting for an answer like this! Thanks alot
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