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Spacebar Test - Find out how fast you can press the space bar.


The Spacebar speed test, or Spacebar CPS test, stands for Spacebar clicks-per-second test. For example in 5-Seconds you have to press and release the space bar as often as possible. You can start as many rounds as you want. Just try to get your highest score (CPS - Click Per Second). According to our database, the average CPS is included 6.11. Please remember that your keyboard plays an important role in this test. So try to use your favorite keyboard.

Let's go share your results with friends and challenge them.

Note: You can repeat the test as many times as you want. The highest result is your speed when pressing the space bar. The buttons appear after each attempt try it again displayed.

  • The average CPS is 6.11 of 100+ samples as of Dec 15, 2020
  • The highest CPS results sorted by country (top 3): # 1 - South Korea6.51; #2 - United States6.44; #3 - Japan6.32