What does sup bro

What does "sup" mean? Meaning of the chat abbreviation

Thanks to the Internet, English terms and abbreviations are spreading faster and faster around the world. In social networks, forums, chats and also in normal German usage, we often stumble across terms whose derivation is not immediately apparent. Here at GIGA we explain to you what the abbreviation “sup?” Means and where it comes from.

We explain the meaning of "Sup?" And other youth and network jargon in the following video:

“Sup?” - meaning of the term

If someone asked you in the chat or in person "Sup? " who wants to know what's going on " respectively how you are" and "What you are doing". "Sup" is the abbreviated form of the English "What‘s up?“

While the English phrase “What's up?” Was called out as long as possible as “Wazzup” in the early 2000s, nowadays it is more often reduced to a minimum with a short and terse “Sup?”.

“Sup?”, “What's up?” Or “Wazzup?” Can be like “What's up?” But also simply as a greeting itself be used. As well as simply answering the question “How are you?” “And yourself?” Is used as a counter-question or greeting.

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Examples of the use of "Sup?"

Person A: "Sup, Bruh?"
Person B: "Not much."

Person A: "Sup?"
Person B (in a good mood): "Suuuup?"

Person A: "Hey Alex, sup?"
Person B: "I chill in the garden and you?"

Person A: "Sup?"
Person B (sarcastically): "The sky." / "The ceiling." / "The next floor."

Do you also use the term “sup?” In the future or do you feel too old for it? Which abbreviations and terms do you use every day in the chat or in normal language usage? Let us know in the comments.

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