How to play civ 5 multiplayer offline

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Downloading and browsing mod folders
Just a friendly reminder that this method is really hard or near impossible to use with mods that add / modify Civilizations! ! ! ALSO this will NOT work with every mod, mainly with mods that use .lua code as well since i havent found a solution on how to add them to multiplayer but .XML coded mods are working perfectly.

As we all know there is a big amount of mods available for Civilization 5. But what most people dont know is that they are not usable in multiplayer games before trying them and being dissapointed at the lack of support ...,

But wait, there is a solution (for most mods) and i want to share the method. First of all, thanks to and thanks to user named "Helpful_Dude" with only 2 extremely important and useful posts. Thank you for finding this and sharing it out in the first place!

  • Civilization 5 and all the necessary DLC
  • Mod from workshop
  • Reading skills :)

Lets begin with downloading Classical Building Pack by thecrazyscotsman

and browsing to workshop mod folder in

C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ Documents \ my games \ Sid Meier's Civilization 5 \ MODS

(Path may be different in different OS versions)

And find the mod you have just downloaded