How the Grinch stole the Christmas Grinch monologue

How the Grinch stole Christmas: the picture book original

If I only present one Christmas book this year, it will be at least one classic! "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" By Dr. Seuss is one of the 100 most successful children's books in the USA.

Now Nadia Budde, whose rhymes already inspired me in “The Last Round of Witching Hour”, translated it anew: “The Grinch and the stolen presents”.

The Grinch thought Christmas was terrible.
Do not ask why. One does not know.
Maybe his head wasn't in the right direction.
Or the shoes pinched the toe.
I think the reason will be a lot simpler.
His heart was probably two sizes too small.

"The Grinch and the Stolen Presents" by Dr. Seuss in the translation by Nadia Budde, published by Kunstmann Verlag

Finally, peace before the Christmas hustle and bustle

So that Christmas is canceled this year, the Grinch simply steals all the presents including Christmas dinner and Christmas tree. He doesn't leave the tiniest scrap of Christmas decorations!

Lo and behold, people celebrate Christmas just like that. They hold hands, sing together and shine with the Christmas lights. The heart of the Grinch grows by three sizes and the Christmas hater becomes one who celebrates enthusiastically.

You just have to love him, this Grinch. But the story would be half as delightful without the original cartoon-style illustrations. Even if it has a few decades under its belt - "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" Was published in 1957 - the detailed joke and the exaggerated figure of the Grinch still inspire today.

Information about the picture book classic:

Dr. Seuss
translated by Nadia Budde

The Grinch and the stolen gifts

Kunstmann Verlag

Last year, by the way, I also presented something for the Christmas grouch - maybe I should specialize in it?

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