How to bind a bad person

How to bind a person

You can ... a person not only bind for security reasons. Restricting motor freedom expands the range of sexual perception: if the thought of attachment arouses you but there is no experience, use the simple techniques suggested.

You will need

  • - Rope, cotton, thick, elastic, not less than 1, 5 m
  • -Capital tights, soft, always at hand
  • - Skin belts, fastened tightly, but they can squeeze blood vessels
  • Silk scarf
  • -Separation specially designed so as not to damage the skin



Diversification of sex life can be different. Use toys, role play, or find excitement, hold on to a partner. The bound woman feels at the same time "freedom", emancipation from the fact that she is not responsible for the pleasure. Often times, the orgasm is more intense and lively when you apply the bond. It's a kind of art that has been taught over the years: you can do individual parts of the body as well as the whole Connect people. The sequence of techniques corresponds to the sequence of lack of exercise.


Hands1. Fold the rope in half, feed loose ends into the loop (rope fold). 2. Put your arms in the loop and pull tight. Ends splayed 7 (if you are tying your hands behind your back, just wrap the ends around the rope and tie a knot).

3. Wrap your hands tightly (with the free ends clockwise or counterclockwise) row by row. The more turns you make, the harder it will be to move your hands. Now cross the ends (make a parallel with your hands) and wrap the rope between your wrists as well as your hands. After a few turns, tie the ends at the back. There is another way the Hands one person quick to tie and even tie to something.


Soft rope handcuffs 1. Place the rope in your hand and wrap your index finger and thumb clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively. Figure 1.2. Connect your fingers and slide the coils. Figure 2.3. Thread the ends of the rope into the resulting hole. Each tip for its part. Figure 3 and 4.4. Handcuff the threads and tighten them. Tip: Do not use thin rope, use a soft cloth.


Elbows You can tie your hands in the same way as you or you can start with 3 points right away, that is, immediately curl your arms. The closer the elbows are to the end, the better. Look at a partner's pain.


Knees (more precisely 5 cm higher) 1. Thread the rope under the knees, cross the ends and stretch..2. Do a few turns around your knees. Cross the ends and wrap the strand of turns. Tie.


Anklet 1. Cross your partner's legs. So you're robbing him of the ability to move in any way. Wrap the ankles with a rope and make 2-3 strands. Now twist each end in the shape of a figure eight. The partner's ability to bring the legs back to the parallel state depends on the bond density. Cross the ends and tie a knot. Now do whatever you plan to do with your partner.


Do not make knots at the joints.

Do not overtighten. The blood should flow freely into the associated part of the body.

Good advice

You can tie your arms or legs to the back of the bed or chair. It is enough to follow the points of hand tying. Just use the bed you want instead of the second brush.

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