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Cassandra July

Cassandra July



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Cassie (Brody, Kurt and Rachel)
Crazy July, the mega-catastrophe in Broadway history (Kurt)
my archenemy (Rachel)

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Cassandra July is a dance instructor at the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and is diving into for the first time The new and the old Rachel on. She is one of Rachel's mentors at NYADA but not particularly nice to her as she never misses an opportunity to bring her down and tells her that she will never be successful. Before becoming a dance teacher, she starred in the play on Broadway Damn Yankees with, but when a cell phone rang in the audience during her performance, she freaked out. She went for the viewer, grabbed his phone and threw it away, which ended her career when someone recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube. Since then it has also been known as "Crazy July" or the "Mega Catastrophe in Broadway History".

She is from Kate Hudson shown.


Season four

In The new and the old Rachel Cassandra wants her students to show her what they can do in her basic dance class and welcomes her to NYADA. She introduces herself to them and says that unless they are suffering from severe body dysmorphism, they don't really want it. Cassandra makes it clear to them that maybe two of them will make it into the business, but thanks to the rest of them for paying her the rent of her loft in SoHo. She notices Lydia, from whom she wants to know her name and says that from now on she will be called bacon rolls and that from now on it will only be called rice cakes and root or cut a buttock because "a lot" has to be cut. After walking past Rachel, she makes the music stop and asks her if she upset her conversation with Lydia. When she says no, she wants to know her name and calls her "David Schwimmer", betting that she was a megastar in little Iowa. Rachel corrects her that she is from Ohio, which Cassandra only says is even more scary because it looks like "a giant" on the map

Shit that Michigan can't pinch "looks like. She tells Rachel that she's come from this far just to show her how to run her class, and when she says she's here to study, she adds her piques She pisses off her stupid, snooty attitude. Cassandra lets the music start again, pushing Rachel. When she falls, she bends over, indicating that she didn't come down to her to help , but to welcome her to big New York City and tell her that she can't do anything.After that, she is in the process of mixing herself a fruit shake when one of her students comes to her and tells her that he will not be with her this year can assist as he has a role to play Wicked Has. He adds that it's only a small one, but she contradicts him that it doesn't matter since it is his first Broadway show that he never forgets, and adds that she played a dancing spoon when she was seventeen. The student thanks her because her recommendation ultimately helped him to the top, whereupon she hugs him and lets him know that she is terribly proud of him. When he's gone, she grabs a bottle of rum and pours it into her shake. In her next lesson, she criticizes Rachel again, who wants to know why she wants her

always bullies and explains to her that she doesn't do it at all, but wants to motivate her. If she then thinks that her breath smells of alcohol, the two of the rest of the students look at them, so that Cassandra expresses that it is only mouthwash and makes it clear to her that she may not be a naive with googly eyes anymore, but she is still each Rotation around each and every one of them is dancing. To prove it, she performs Americano / Dance Again with her students and tells Rachel afterwards that not only is she on her list, but it is where she ends class. After a week she would like to see Rachel's Pique, which she should do again and give her a tip for improvement, after which she says that it is better, albeit slightly. When she asks her if she's going to roll her eyes again and Rachel says no, since she'll improve until she is the best Cassandra knows, she replies that these are big words and that she has courage. She admits that she likes it and likes that spirit in her students, because she immediately enjoys making Rachel's life hell from morning to night.

Cassandra explains in Britney 2.0 in their class that they have to have the tango ready and the first thing they need to know about it being about sex. She lets them know that when you dance the tango you are seducing your partner, which is why she asks her students to pair up and practice, starting with the "abrazo (hug)". On the other hand, she wants Rachel to continue practicing her jazz hands and replies to her question that she doesn't have enough men

and therefore a woman has to abandon. She adds that she has too little sex appeal to credibly dance the tango as she appears timid and helpless in her body and she moves as if she were ashamed of him. Rachel later tells Kurt that Cassandra thinks she is not sexy, whereupon he asks if she really means "Cassie July" and explains to her that she once played in a Broadway play where a cell phone rang at the first try out in the audience, which she did freaked out. She attacked the viewer and threw his cell phone away, which was filmed and uploaded to YouTube, which is why she has since been referred to as "Crazy July" and the "mega-catastrophe in Broadway history". At the next class, Rachel arrives later, whereupon Cassandra approaches her and comments on her new look by saying that she looks like a Woolworth lingerie model. She asks Brody what he's doing here and Rachel explains that she asked him to help her with a number to show her that she can be sexy. While she Oops! ... I Did It Again performs, sees

Cassandra gets bored and says afterwards that she was ok but not unbelievable and the song was rubbish. Rachel struggles and says that she's just jealous of her because she still has her whole career ahead of her, while hers was over before she even started and is a YouTube laughing stock. Cassandra replies that it is over and throws her out of her class. Then she does dance exercises when Rachel comes to her and apologizes to her. Cassandra tells her that she freaked out and thrashed out, just like she did ten years ago, but the reason Rachel got honest feedback during her dance class. She points out that on Broadway, which is her goal, she is constantly being judged and controlled and would never be occupied if someone had filmed her freak and posted it on the Internet. She makes it clear to her that she only has one chance and if she screws it up, it's over. She asks her why anyone should cast her, to which Rachel, referring to Cassandra, replies that she is good. you

Agrees with her, saying that it was great but it doesn't matter as it wasn't ready to go to print. While Rachel helps her stretch, Cassandra adds that there is a lot more wickedness out there than at NYADA, and because of it she harasses her students because she wants them to be prepared for it. She lets Rachel know that if it was up to her, she wouldn't let her back in her class because she doesn't believe in second chances, but the rules say that she'll only be given a warning and therefore punish her with the jockeys to be cleaned by hand. In the next lesson, she whispers something in the ear of a student who then goes to Rachel and asks her to dance with him. While the two of them do this, Cassandra watches them and it seems like she gave Rachel a second chance after all.

In Glease Cassandra arrives at her class in a bad mood and announces that a few of her senior students are going to help her out. Brody immediately goes to Rachel, who tells him she's having her first off-Broadway audition. Cassandra, listening in, goes to the

both and advises her that it is too early for her because she is not yet tough enough for it. She says that Rachel still has too few wounds and tells her about her audition with the director Ivan, where she had to hold her monologue in a panty while she stood on one leg and poured Tomante juice over herself. Rachel, however, replies that she can take it and suggests that Cassandra also audition to get back into the game. She doesn't respond, but tells her students to take a break. She calls Brody over and wants to talk to him in private. She lets him know that she needs a new assistant and that she thinks he's perfect, even if it means a couple of evening shifts, a lot of time outside of school, and help with material preparation. He doesn't mind why he agrees, so Cassandra lets him know it starts this week. Brody, however, wants to postpone it for the next one, as he has already agreed to help Rachel and she replies that it is not a problem. Later she comes to her dance studio, where Kurt is helping Rachel with her audition and overhears them talking about the McKinley school musical. She wants to know more about it and learns that they are not sure to go because their exes are involved, but so are their friends. While Cassandra warms up at the bar, they tell her that the musical is taking place on the weekend, which is why she senses her chance to be alone with Brody and motivates her to go there. She thinks it would be a good opportunity to talk about her exe

n getting over it and on Rachel's remark that she's already finished with hers, that she should go for fun or because it's Grease, her friends, or her high school. Rachel says that they also lack the necessary money, which is why Cassandra offers to give them her JetBlue frequent flyer miles as she can no longer fly them anyway since she was banned from flying because of her panic attack at 30,000 feet caused by too much Bloody Mary, through the three "juice nudges" ended up in the hospital. She ends up saying that Rachel doesn't have to go if she doesn't want to, but will regret if she misses. She sings with later There Are Worse Things I Could Do and dances pretty intensely with Brody, which ends with them kissing. Rachel calls him, but instead of him, Cassandra answers, who tells her that he is in the shower and is lathering his "body carved in stone". She asks her if she should give him a message and after Rachel doesn't understand that she is canceling "a nice number with the hottest guy in NYADA" to visit her "loser ex boyfriend" and said hot guy is desperate and lonely was so that he, as s

he called him happy to help her choreograph a new number, whereupon one thing led to another and they ended up in her apartment where they slept together. When she asked Cassandra why she should just see it as one of those nasty little life lessons, because Rachel auditioned for an off-Broadway play, snatched at a senior student, and told her she was back in the game should come. Cassandra lets her know that she has overshot and believes that she should realize that she is the game while she is what she has always been, privileged, uninhibited and typically humble. Before she can finish her sentence, Rachel hangs up.

Cassandra stops in Swan song her lessons and pays special attention to Rachel, who she improves. When she asks if she can have a drink, she agrees and tells the other students that they should all stop. Cassandra explains that this is what happens when you are thirsty on Broadway, that the show is interrupted immediately and asks her to know if this is her way of responding to a golden ticket for the winter show Rachel got. Cassandra tells her that she is after

Has not had stamina or precision for three months, which is why she will not be able to win the show. When Rachel, on the other hand, says that she can't help it that she doesn't see how good she is, Cassandra wants to have a sample of her skills demonstrated as proof that she is not wasting her time. The two then perform All that jazz, after which she asks her if she now understands what she means, namely that she is not good enough yet. When Rachel admits that she's not half as good a dancer as she is, but can sing just as well, if not better, Cassandra wants to know if she thinks anyone in the room agrees because there is a big difference between There are self-confidence and delusions. Rachel says that nobody but her has to believe it and thanks her because she has just taught her something, namely that she will only win the winter show with her vote.

In Goodbye makes friends Cassandra does not appear, but is mentioned by Brody, who tells her students that she cannot teach today, allegedly because she can't stand being in the same room again with her mediocrity, whereas he thinks she is easy just has a hangover. In addition, their night together comes up, because he wants to know from Rachel if she is mad at him because of it. She says yes, since Cassandra is her archenemy and asks if at least it sucked. Brody says it was awesome and justifies it by pointing out Cassandra's bum.

She will be in Good things take time First mentioned by Rachel's former friends, who tell her to hope that no one tells Cassandra about her callback for Funny Girl, as she needs a permit for extracurricular activities and she has been looking for a reason to destroy Rachel since day 1 and kick them out. The two add that by doing this, she is risking the "Zeus-like anger of Cassandra July", but shouldn't be concerned, as she certainly doesn't rummage through Broadway chat rooms and keep books about her most hated student. Then you can see the two of them going to Cassandra and telling her about the callback. Later she goes to her studio

and finds Rachel going through the text. She says to her that real actors rehearse with other artists and not, like her, with their reflection in the mirror. When Rachel asks how she knew about her callback, Cassandra replies that it was Barbra Streisand w. She has been close friends with for years and she met while shopping, telling her about it in passing. Cassandra reminds Rachel that she has a dance exam next week, but adds that she doesn't want her to miss her callback as it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for her too. So she tells her that she's going too because Rachel has a tendency to fail when she's under pressure, alluding to her NYADA audition. Cassandra also wants to see her fail at her first major Broadway audit, which is why she has brought her mid-term exam forward to the next morning and tells her that she will be performing the most difficult ballet number ever conceived there. When the time comes, she goes into the studio with her and says that she is not in a good mood, which is why she should at least laugh at her when she has to "belly slap". Rachel, on the other hand, says that she has misjudged her all year long and is now doing it, whereupon Cassandra opens the door and lets her in. The other students are already waiting in the room, which confuses Rachel and explains that this is her intermediate exam. Cassandra tells her this is NYADA, her

are the best of the best and have them remember that they would crush them to get a role for themselves. But they are also a family, which is why they stick together and celebrate each other when there is something great to celebrate, which includes Rachel's callback. She is visibly surprised, so that Cassandra continues that she has been through hell all year, but has not let herself be beaten, which is why they are now going to take her through her intermediate exam, after which she kicks everyone "NYADA-like in the ass" as she has her first major Broadway callback. Cassandra sings while the students celebrate RachelUptight (Everything’s Alright) and dance with her. Then she claps for her student and leaves the room.She's in the studio when Rachel comes over and her Debbie Allen's original stick from the movie Fame that she accepts. When she thanks her for everything, Cassandra says that she "ripped her ass off" from the start because she saw something in her and she thinks she is something special that could make it. Because of this, she was so merciless, which Rachel wants to know if that means Brody too