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Chronicle 1998 - Red-Green Coalition and the Lewinsky Affair

In the US the rumor was spread on a website, US PresidentBill Clinton am involved in a sex affair with an intern. When these speculations hit the headlines a short time later in the Washington Post, the so-called Lewinsky affair was the dominant topic in the American media for a long time. An impeachment procedure for the coming year was sought. In Germany the terrorist organization wasRAF, Red Army Faction, finally disbanded. While the Germans accepted this act with approval, the new spelling reform that came into force on August 1st was accepted with reservations. The need for this reform was initially met with great rejection. But the political events in Germany were more serious. Gerhard Schröder was elected as the new Federal Chancellor on October 27th. 16 years of the Helmut Kohl government came to an end. The defeat of the CDU in the federal election resulted in the first red-green coalition in the Federal Republic.
The French as the host country of the soccer World Cup had reason to celebrate. They won the world title for the first time by beating defending champions Brazil 3-0. The Finn Mika Häkkinen also cheered, because he became a winner for the first time and thus world champion of Formula 1.
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Who was Federal Chancellor in 1998?
Helmut Kohl was Federal Chancellor until October 27, 1998
Gerhard Schröder was Federal Chancellor from October 27, 1998
Who was Federal President in 1998?
Roman Duke was Federal President in 1998
Who was President of the United States in 1998?
1998 wasBill Clinton american president
Who was the German champion in 1998?
The1. FC Kaiserslautern was German champion in 1998
Who was the soccer world champion in 1998?
France became soccer world champion in 1998 in St. Denis
Who was the Formula 1 World Champion in 1998?
Mika Häkkinen was Formula 1 World Champion with McLaren-Mercedes in 1998
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1998 prices

Petrol price 1998 - Normal 1.52 DM - Super 1.61 DM - Diesel 1.14 DM
1998 gold award - $ 300.00 / oz
1998 heating oil price - DM 0.44
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Major Events & Headlines 1998

January 1998

January 1st
Switzerland 1998 - Flavio Cotti became the new Federal President in Switzerland.
January 1st
FRG 1998 - The solidarity surcharge was reduced in the FRG from 7.7 percent to 5.5 percent.
January 2nd
Hong Kong 1998 - In Hong Kong the avian flu H5N1 broke out.
January 4th
Israel 1998 - Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy resigned from office.
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February 1998

February 1st
Costa Rica 1998 - Miguel Anguel Rodriguez Echeverría took over the post of Head of State and Government in Costa Rica.
February 1st
Lithuania / EU 1998 - Lithuania signed an association agreement with the European Union.
February 2nd
Philippines 1998 - A Douglas DC-9 of the Cebu Pacific crashed into a mountain in the Philippines. All 104 people who were on board the machine were killed.
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March 1998

1st March
EU / Tunisia 1998 - Tunisia (North Africa) and the European Union concluded a cooperation agreement.
1st March
FRG / Ukraine 1998 - The partnership and cooperation agreement between Germany and Ukraine came into force.
4th of March
Israel 1998 - In Israel, President Ezer Weizmann was reaffirmed in his office, which he had held since 1993.
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April 1998

April 1st
Latin America 1998 - From the countries Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela signed a treaty for better cooperation and the fight against drugs.
April 1st
FRG 1998 - In Germany the steel groups Thyssen and Krupp-Hoesch merged.
2nd of April

In Bordeaux, France, the French Nazi collaborator and later budget minister Maurice Papon was sentenced to ten years in prison for complicity in the deportation of Jews.
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May 1998

1st of May
At the central Labor Day rally in Munich, DGB boss Dieter Schulte accused the Bonn coalition of redistributing the money for an active employment policy from the public coffers to the pockets of the rich.

Football 1998 - As the first to rise in football history, 1. FC Kaiserlautern won the title of German men's football championship.
May 3
In Brussels, the heads of state and government of the EU sealed the start of the European monetary union with eleven countries on January 1, 1999.
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Important June 1998

June 1st
The European Central Bank was founded as the legal successor to the European Monetary Institute, which, under its President Wim Duisenberg, prepared the third and final stage of the European Monetary Union with the introduction of the EURO as the common currency.
2th of June

The US space shuttle “Discovery” took off from Cape Canaveral in the US state of Florida on its last visit to the Russian space station “Mir”. She was supposed to pick up the astronaut Andrew Thomas, who was the last American to have worked on the space station for five months.
3rd of June
The globalization-critical non-governmental organization “Attac” was founded in France.
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Top 5 cinema charts 1998

Armageddon - The Last Judgment
the horse Whisperer
Dr. Dolittle
The film year 1998

July 1998

July 1
FRG 1998 - In Germany, changes in the marriage law came into force.
2nd July
Federal Transport Minister Matthias Wissmann (CDU) rejected the general introduction of speeds of 30 km / h in localities. In his opinion, motorists would not accept this speed limit.
3rd of July
In the case of the arson attack on a home for asylum seekers in Dolgenbrodt in Brandenburg, four backers were sentenced to suspended sentences of between 15 and 24 months.
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August 1998

August 1st
Spelling 1998 - The spelling reform came into force in the German-speaking countries.
August 2nd
Congo 1998 - Military troops from Rwanda and Uganda invaded the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
3rd August
Eritrea / Ethiopia 1998 - An armistice was decided between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
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September 1998

September 1
FRG 1998 - The new HypoVereinsbank was created through the merger of the Bayerische Hypotheken- und Wechselbank with the Bayerische Vereinsbank.
September 2nd
Rwanda 1998 - For the first time in legal history, the Akayesu judgment of the International Criminal Court for Rwanda resulted in a conviction on the basis of the 1048 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.
September 3

In the only speech duel between Chancellor Helmut Kohl (CDU) and his social democratic challenger Gerhard Schröder before the election on September 27, one of them denied the other the ability to lead Germany safely into the next century.
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Top 5 Bundesliga 1997/98

1.FC Kaiserslautern
FC Bayern Munich
Bayer 04 Leverkusen
VfB Stuttgart
FC Schalke 04
The sporting year 1998

October 1998

October 1
In the Hague, the Interior Minister of Austria Karl Schlögl inaugurated the European police station Europol as President of the EU Council.
October 2nd
In Albania, President Rexhep Mejdani ended the government crisis by accepting the cabinet list of Prime Minister-designate Pandeli Majko. On October 9th, the new government was confirmed by the parliament in Tirana.
October 3

Australia 1998 - John Winston Howar was re-elected Prime Minister of Australia.
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November 1998

1st of November
New heavy rains worsened the situation in the German flood areas. Five children died as a result of the masses of water.
November 2
In in Bonn The 67-year-old former North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Johannes Rau was nominated by the SPD executive committee as a candidate for the Federal President and as the successor to Roman Herzog. The election took place on May 23, 1999.
November 3rd
The state parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Schwerin elected the SPD state chairman Harald Ringstorff as Prime Minister of the first SPD-PDS government in Germany. Ringstorff received only 39 out of 70 valid votes.
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December 1998

December 1
Albania 1998 - The country's first democratic constitution came into force in Albania.
2. December
The Israeli government interrupted the withdrawal of troops from the West Bank as agreed in the Wye Agreement.
3rd of December
Four weeks before the start of monetary union, the central banks of the eleven euro countries surprisingly lowered their key interest rates. The Central Bank Council of the Deutsche Bundesbank lowered its securities pension rate from 3.3 to 3 percent.
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Most popular first names in 1998

Maiden names:
Lea, Julia, Lena, Anna, Sarah, Michelle, Laura, Antonia, Annika, Jana, Marie, Lisa, Nina, Vanessa,
Boy names:

Jan, Tim, Jonas, Leon, Niklas, Lukas, Alexander, Marvin, Felix, Philipp, Tobias, Marcel, Jannik
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Nobel Prize 1998 Nobel Prize Winner

Nobel Prize in Physics: Robert B. Laughlin, Horst L. Störmer and Daniel C. Tsui
Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Walter Kohn and John A. Pople
Nobel Prize in Medicine: Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad
Nobel Prize in Literature: José Saramago
Nobel Peace Prize: John Hume and David Trimble
Economics: Amartya Sen

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It was only warmer in 1998 and 2005: May 2013 breaks world records
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Only May 1998 and May 2005 were warmer. Record temperatures have been recorded in many regions of the world, said NOAA. This included parts of Siberia, Northern and Eastern Europe, Australia, North Africa, the Philippines, China and ...... >>>
In October 1998 the potency pill Viagra was first introduced in the Pharmacies
Ad hoc news
Imitation drugs for Viagra flood the market In October 1998, the potency pill Viagra was first sold in German pharmacies. The fuss about the "blue miracle" was great. Finally there was a pill to treat the so-called ..... >>>


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The bands Amon Amarth, Edguy, Fettes Brot and Hanson are founded

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