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Labrador names

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds. Perhaps you've already fallen in love with this lovely family dog? All over the world, dog owners appreciate his patient and persistent nature.

If you have such an ambitious dog in the house, he of course needs a suitable name.

Names for male labrador dogs

  • Buster
  • Fiete
  • Seamus
  • Hunter
  • Marley
  • Conan
  • Bradley
  • Brady
  • Harrison
  • Raul

Names for Labrador female dog

  • Maya
  • Ava
  • Lene
  • Ruby
  • Danae
  • Artemis
  • Bree
  • Carrie
  • Elly
  • Inca

Before we explain in detail and meaning each dog name on the list, we'd like to invite you to learn a little more about Labrador Retrievers.

Where did the Labrador come from?

The home of the Labrador is the peninsula of the same name. It is located off the east coast of Canada. The labrador is a medium-sized and strong dog. Its skull is broad and its fur is short.

The original animals were black. Yellow was considered a bad breed. It was not until the end of the 19th century that the light color was accepted. The brown retriever has only been officially recognized as a breeding color since 1964.

As a hunting dog, he still cuts a particularly good figure to this day. This is where the name retriever comes from. It stands for the love of fetching. Because it is derived from the English “retrieve”, which means “to bring back”.

The Labrador Retriever has been an independent dog breed since 1903. In the next few years two different lines developed, the show line and the work line. When choosing a Labrador, these two lines should be looked out for. Because they differ not only in appearance, but also very clearly in behavior.

Working line or show line?

Would you like a Labrador? Then it is important to be clear about the differences in breeding.

  • The Show line or classic line looks a lot more compact and is larger. The typical characteristics of the Labrador come into their own in this line. These animals are cozier and even more relaxed than their more spirited counterparts.
  • Animals of the Working line have a smaller and finer stature. They are ideal for hunting or sports. Without exception, these animals require a great deal of activity. This includes dog sports, hunting games and retrieving. You can meet these dogs at a wide variety of tournaments. They are also gifted hunters.

If you want a cozy and extremely good-natured and patient dog, you should reach for the show line.

If you are looking for a challenge and want to do a lot of exercise and sport with your dog, use the work line. Likewise if you want to work with him.

20 dog names for Labrador

Have you already thought about the type of dog you have? Or maybe you have already chosen a puppy? Now you can start thinking of a name. Below are dog names that might fit your Labrador particularly well.

Labrador names female for bitch


Maya has very different meanings in different cultures. In Arabic it means “source” or “river”. That goes great with the Labrador, because he loves the water. He is often used as a water rescue dog.


Ava also has many meanings. In Frisian the name means “water”. In Old Saxon Ava stands for “the strong one”. In Old French, “avis” means a bird. Each of these names comes very close to the characteristics of the Labrador.


The name is Low German and originally comes from the Greek name Helene. It means “the shining one” or “the sublime”.


In the English-speaking world, Ruby stands for the gemstone ruby ​​and thus for red. There is no red in the colors of the Labrador, but with a little imagination, a beautiful brown color appears reddish in the sun.


Danaë comes from Greek mythology. She is the princess of Argos and therefore Perseus' mother. The meaning of the name couldn't be better for a bitch. Because it means “the beloved”, “the one spoiled by the family”.


Artemis also comes from Greek mythology. She is one of the twelve great Olympic goddesses. She is considered the goddess of the hunt and the forest. In addition, she is considered the guardian of women and children. A name that, like no other, is very apt for a Labrador dog.


Bree is a name from Ireland. It means “the strong one”, “the lover”. When deployed as a rescue dog, the Labrador often has to show strength. He shows every day that he loves and protects his family.


This name is the American form for Caroline. The name stands for “the beloved”, “the dear one” or “the precious one”.

A dog is always valuable to its owner. But what does a labrador puppy cost from the breeder? Here you have to reckon with prices of around 1,000 to 1,500 euros.


The name Elly has now established itself as an independent name. But it was originally only a short form. Elly is derived from Elisabeth, Elen or Eleonore, among others. Therefore, the meaning is not easy to understand. However, it is quite certain that you can associate the name with God.


Inka was also not a separate name. Over time, it evolved from the name Ingeborg. It originally comes from Old High German. It is equated with the meanings of “helping” and “protecting”. With this he again perfectly matches the characteristics of the Labrador.

Labrador name male for male dog


This name comes from the American and means “friend” or “lad”. The name is known to older generations through the actor Buster Keaton, who ruled the silent film era with Charlie Chaplin.


This name is composed of two old German words. “Fridu” means “peace” and “rihhi” means “rich”. You could therefore translate it as “the peaceful”, “the rich”. Fiete is an abbreviation for names like Fridolin or Friedrich.


Seamus is a very unusual Irish given name. It can be traced back to the name Jakob and means “red-haired”. Again, you won't find a red-haired Labrador. But the name fits the brown version as well.


An optimal name for a Labrador of the working line who is active in hunting. Hunter means nothing more than hunter. The Labrador was already a popular hunting helper in the 19th century. It is still used today to hunt game birds. More precisely, for work after the shot, i.e. retrieving. In his home country he also helped and helps the fisher women to get the nets out of the sea.


Marley is an Old English name. It means “meadow near the lake”. Translated, this means “meadow or pasture by the lake”. Movie friends might be familiar with the movie “Marley & Me”. Here, a Labrador puppy with this name confuses the life of a young couple.


The name Conan is Celtic. It means “intelligence” and “wisdom”. So the name definitely suits the character traits of this dog breed. The Labrador even counts to the top 10 dog breedsas far as intelligence is concerned.


Bradley is an old English-Scottish family name. It was originally derived from a place name. Bradley is made up of the words “brad” for “wide” and “lēah” for “forest, clearing or meadow”. With that you could translate it as “wide land” or “wide clearing”.


This masculine first name originated from an Irish surname. The meaning is a little special "descendant of the big-breasted". This meaning comes from the old Irish “brágha”, which stands for “breast”.


The name Harrison comes from English and has a very simple meaning. Harrison means “son of Harry”.


The name originally comes from the old French Raoul. The meaning is derived from “rat” like “advice” and “wol” like “wolf”. The best way to translate the name is “counselor” or “war advisor”. Through the Normans he got to many other countries.

Labrador as a dog with character

Thanks to its excellent character traits, the Labrador is suitable for almost everyone. The show line is an excellent companion and family dog ​​for you. The working line isn't just a perfect dog for female hunters. He can be extremely successful as a therapy, rescue and assistance dog.

More suggested names for Labrador Retrievers

Can't find a suitable name for your Labrador? Further lists of names can be found on these pages:

When it comes to choosing a Labrador, you should absolutely be good advised by your breeder to let. However, these great dogs do not always have to come directly from the breeder. Too many Labradors end up in animal shelters or animal welfare every year. Maybe not always thoroughbred, but definitely a loyal friend for life.

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