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Find out the height of your location:

Would you like to know how high you are? Then you've come to the right place. We will inform you of your current altitude and tell you how high it has already gone for you. With wie-hoch-bin-ich.de we want to make it as easy as possible for you to be informed about your altitude and to know how many meters above sea level you are. But for whom is the determination of your own height suitable and how does our innovative concept work?

Perfect for nature lovers and athletes.

With this website you know at a glance what altitude you are at. So you know exactly how high you are and how your current surroundings compare to other locations. Our site can be used on any device and offers you the information you need on both your PC and smartphone. We will inform you how high you really are, both for your place of residence and for very special holiday destinations.

To access the functions of the site, all you have to do is activate your location services. In this way, the website can record your height at any time and inform you of the values ​​determined in real time. Simply enter your address in the integrated search field so that the site can determine your coordinates and inform you of the exact height. You can then click on your location on the map to see the altitude at any point in time.

Safe information for hikers and mountaineers.

Our program is particularly relevant for mountaineers and other active people who struggle for every inch and try to increase their own height. By using our website with your smartphone, you can have your altitude determined at any location so that your location and the corresponding altitude can be displayed directly on the map. This makes it even easier for athletes and hikers to keep an eye on their own records and to know which heights are within reach.

Together with us, you always have the latest data and can rely on a clear view of your location. Your request is processed in real time, so you know the current altitude. You don't only get the information you want in the high mountains. The site wie-hoch-bin-ich.de can also be used excellently to determine the depth of the sea. We show you the depth of the sea with a minus in front of the meter, so that you are informed about your altitude at each location.

Test now and determine your height!

If you would like to find out more about your current location, you can quickly and easily access the desired data here at wie-hoch-bin-ich.de. This makes it a good choice to inform yourself with our content and to know exactly where you are. In connection with the information about your own altitude, it is even more fun to explore new paths and expand your own horizons. For this reason, we look forward to your search and support you with the site to determine your current altitude!

What is the purpose of this altimeter?

The purpose of this website is to enable you to quickly and easily find out how high you are right now. It doesn't matter whether you're on the go or not. www.wie-hoch-bin-ich.de works on your PC as well as on your smartphone or tablet, without you having to install an app!

How do I use the website?

In order to let you know what altitude you are at, this website only needs your current location. You can find this out using 3 methods.

1. Activate your location services => This website can show you your current altitude immediately.
2. Enter your current address in the search field => The website determines the coordinate of this address and can therefore tell you your exact altitude.
3. Click on the map => The amount of your click is displayed.

How do I find out how tall I am?

There are several ways to determine its height. Here are some examples of how an altitude measurement can work:


A barometric altitude measurement is carried out using the air pressure prevailing at the measurement location. The air pressure does not only depend on the altitude, therefore, depending on the application, different measures are taken to compensate for the influence of the other parameters. More about barometric altitude measurement "here".Wikipedia

2. Radar Altimeter:

A transmitter radiates power towards the ground, where it is diffusely reflected, part of which is received again as an echo signal, and the signal's transit time is a measure of the height. More about Radar Altimeter “here”.Wikipedia

3. Via GPS:

A GPS device receives signals from satellites, which convert them into coordinates. A component of this coordinate is the height. More about how a GPS works "here".Wikipedia

4. Using an elevation model of the earth.

If you know where you are, you can use maps or databases to find out how high you are right now. Of these four methods, the fourth is the most accurate. And this website also works on this principle of height measurement. With the help of your location and a high-resolution elevation model of the earth, we can calculate your height.

Can I also determine the water depth?

Yes! You can, we simply indicate the sea depth with a minus in front of the meter. This is how you can find out the exact depth of the sea all over the world.

What data is wie-hoch-bin-ich.de based on

The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) (Wikipedia article) is a NASA mission conducted in 2000 to obtain elevation data for a large part of the earth. It is currently the best data set for a digital elevation model data (DEM) due to the high resolution (30m x 30m).

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