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Making curls: the best methods for beautiful curls

Many women want curls. Because it is well known that you always want what you don't have. But even if you're not gifted with natural curls, there are a few methods you can use to try any type of curl, from gentle beach waves to tight corkscrew curls.

Make curls: without heat

Make great curls with papillots

You can achieve accurate curls by twisting papillots into wet hair, letting them dry and then carefully removing them. For a more natural look, you can comb the hair afterwards with a wide-toothed comb.

Create beautiful waves with braid and bun

For light waves, you can twist your damp hair in one or more buns or braid the hair overnight. The result on the next day is natural beach waves. The more buns or braids in your hair, the wilder the waves get. For a casual finish, you can use a sugar or salt water spray at the end and knead the hair again.

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Curls can also be made without heat: you can get beautiful waves with braided hairstyles

Regardless of which of the three methods that we are now introducing you ultimately decide on - if you work with heat, a good heat protection spray is a must.

Use the curling iron to make curls of different sizes

You can achieve accurate curls with the classic curling iron. Depending on the thickness of the rod, these are smaller or larger. With curling irons with many different attachments, you can decide depending on your mood and the occasion. If you want more gentle waves, you can gently comb your hair here too. Don't forget the heat protection!

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Make curls with curlers

Curlers are traditionally twisted into damp hair and then blow-dried. But there are also self-heating curlers, such as those from Remington, which save you the hassle of blow-drying. The result is glamorous curls and waves that are reminiscent of old Hollywood looks.

With these curlers, curling is quick:


Remington hair curler KF40E, heatable, easy clip system, ion technology, 3 sizes (19 mm, 22 mm, 27 mm), black / purple

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When creating curls, anything is possible from corkscrew curls to glamorous waves

Great curls with the straightening iron

With the right technique, you can quickly and easily create casual waves with the straightener. Again, you should protect your hair with a heat protectant spray. Place a strand of hair between the straightening plates, then rotate the straightening iron 360 degrees horizontally. Then slowly pull the straightening iron wrapped with the strand down to the tips. Process all of your hair this way. After that, loosen up your curls a little with your hands. A thin, rounded straightening iron, such as the Braun SensoCare Styler, is best.

For all those who cannot cope with the straightening iron technique: We show the 5 best wave irons.

Make curls with the round brush

For light waves with volume, you can blow dry your hair with a round brush. The diameter of the brush determines the size of the curls here. Brushes with natural bristles are the gentlest on hair. Start with moistened hair and part a strand, which you then twist in. Then blow-dry the strand on the round brush while gently twisting it in and out again and again.

If you have a smooth hair structure, the curls usually hang out again after a few hours. This is especially the case with thick, heavy hair. However, there are a few tools that you can use to extend the durability of your hairstyle.

1. Preparation with the mousse

Before you plug in the curling iron or roll up the curlers, you should first prepare your hair. After washing, knead a small amount of mousse into the lengths of your damp hair. Don't use too much, though, or your hair will stick together and feel hard. The mousse provides hold and also prevents frizz. Depending on the manufacturer, the mousse also protects the hair from drying out when blow-drying and ensures voluminous curls.

2. Let the curls cool down

This tip will help when styling your curls with the help of heat. For example, if you use a curling iron, do not drop the strand immediately if it has been wrapped around the wand long enough. Instead, grab a small bobby pin, leave the strand wrapped and pin the curl like this. This allows the strand to cool down and does not hang out immediately. After you've worked all of the hair, you can take out the clips and loosen the hair up.

3. The finish with hairspray

After you've styled your curls, use a little hairspray to finish off. For extra volume, spray the hair overhead while shaking it. So the hairstyle is fixed and the hanging is delayed. With a hairspray like L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium hairspray, you can also prevent frizz and tame protruding hairs.

Permanent curls: the perm

If you have curled hair, you can help with a perm. The method has long since lost its dusty image. Casual curls or a wild mane can be achieved.

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Making curls is sometimes time-consuming. With a permanent wave, you can enjoy your curls for a long time

How does the perm work?

Unlike in the past, the result of the perm is now more natural and milder ingredients are used that do not damage the hair as much. The structure of the hair is broken up, reshaped and then closed again. The hairdresser uses a reducing agent to open the sulfur bridges in the hair. An oxidizing agent is then used to fix the new shape. Nourishing ingredients ensure that the damage to the hair is not too great. In spite of everything, the hair is treated with chemicals and thus heavily stressed. After the treatment, you should take care of your hair and care for it intensively so that it does not dry out and look dull.

How long does a perm last?

The classic permanent wave for corkscrew curls can last up to six months, with lighter curls or waves the hairstyle lasts about six to eight weeks. The hold always depends on the type of hair and the care and styling routine. Especially fine, straight hair benefit from the method, because this is where the result is strongest.

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