Dude where my car dog name

Dude where is my car Google Assistant knows!

Who does not know the search for the parked car. Where exactly was it again? But this time should be over now, because the Google Assistant can automatically remember where you have parked your vehicle.

Google Maps uses your history. Based on this, the Google Assistant remembers where your car is by examining where you left off and you continued your way on foot. The position is therefore not always the exact parking space, but it should at least indicate the right direction.

It is true that there is already a similar function in Google Maps, but the position of your car has to be marked manually. And you can forget that again. With this function, on the other hand, you don't have to remember where your car is or to mark the parking space.

The Assistant creates a pin in Google Maps where it estimates your car is. Only a few users can still use the new function. However, it is expected that Google will roll it out gradually and gradually make it available to everyone.

Do you think this new feature is useful?

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