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Have ozone treatment carried out only by qualified personnel with chemical training. Ozone is an irritant gas and a lung poison and should be treated as such.


Ozone treatment for your automobile / caravan / camper / boats or other mobile vehicles
in addition to apartment - house - restaurant - shop or office.

An essential element of the stratosphere is the ozone layer. Ozone is a special form of oxygen. Normally, oxygen exists in a stable compound as a diatomic molecule, whereas ozone is a triple group of oxygen atoms. At a height of 25 km, where solar radiation is strong, the high-energy UV radiation breaks up the normal two-part oxygen molecules. The single atoms quickly attach themselves to other two-part molecules and thus form the three-atom ozone. Ozone is unstable and breaks down again, and thermal radiation is released during this process. In the stratosphere, the harmful UV radiation is "swallowed" and converted into heat. In this way, the ozone ensures that the ultraviolet radiation dose reaches the ground in a strongly weakened manner.
Nature is known to be the best teacher and the antibacterial effect of natural UV-C light, produced by our sun, has long been known.
Because of its instability, ozone cannot be stored for long periods of time or bought in pressurized cylinders like other industrial gases. Before it can be used (chemical synthesis, water treatment, as a bleaching agent, etc.), it must be produced on the spot.

The method 1

Ozone can be obtained from the reaction of potassium permanganate with concentrated sulfuric acid. The unstable dimanganese heptoxide Mn2O7 that forms as an intermediate product breaks down at room temperature to form manganese dioxide and oxygen, which is rich in ozone. During the electrolysis of dilute sulfuric acid (approx. 20%), ozone develops on a gold or platinum anode, especially at high current densities. With good cooling, 4-5% ozone content can be achieved in the resulting oxygen, a concentration that is sufficient to carry out all reactions of the ozone on a preparative scale. With sophisticated equipment (e.g. fine platinum wire coils) and cooling to -14 C, significantly higher ozone concentrations can be achieved.

The method 2

With our UV-C ozone disinfection, the natural formation of ozone through solar radiation is copied.
UV-C light is produced in a controlled manner, which in combination with oxygen generates ozone.
There are NO harmful nitrogen oxide residues.
The ozone generated removes odors and disinfects the air.
UV-C ozone disinfection is the most environmentally friendly method to permanently eliminate unpleasant odors and harmful microorganisms.
During cleaning, the polluted air is sucked into the interior of the UV-C ozone generator with the help of an integrated fan.
The ozone combines with the odor molecules and oxidizes / neutralizes them.
At the same time, airborne microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and spores are inactivated.
The now odorless, disinfected air is then returned to the room.
The ozone concentration is low and excess, unoxidized ozone is immediately converted to oxygen.
A healthy and environmentally friendly solution for permanently clean air.

The exact processes are a trade secret.

A so-called ozone treatment is carried out by our professionally trained staff.

As a result, your automobile, house, apartment, office, restaurant or other things are disinfected and usually odor-free after this treatment by

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